I Hurt

I have always been sensitive to others plights.  I understand someone else's pain.  I am emotional about other situations.  I can help but cry at funeral and wedding.  Way to much emotions going on there. I have always put others needs infront of mine.  I always have wanted just to make it better....for anyone.  I just want things to feel better for them.

So I hurt.  I seem to forget to take care of myself.  I have lost my sense of me to the detrement of taking care of other.  I love all of you.  I need me to stop hurting though.
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2 Responses Mar 6, 2012

I swear, when I read this it was like I was reading what I was thinking about writing. I almost thought that maybe it was a post that I wrote and forget about.<br />
The people that I have told this to, I always tell them that it is a gift that I can feel the emothions of others, though the negative ones are more pronouned, I believe that this is because the positive ones blend in better with who I am. <br />
I also tell people that my purpose on earth is to absorb some of the pain of others, the part that's a little more than they can handle, to make their lives a little easier.<br />
<br />
Meditation can help purge at least part of the hurt you feel. When you meditate, try to clear your mind and take yourself to the feelings that you felt everytime you felt love. Every time you felt you were loved and loved someone else (mother, father, sibling, child, boy/girlfriend, etc).<br />
The other part of the hurt you can handle.<br />
<br />

Wow that sucks, I'm the opposite