More On Empathy....or Not

K...I belong to the Empath group but I'm a little sketchy.....Ooops...Well I didn't but I do now~ LoL

Empaths feel other peoples emotions right?


If they are around sad people do they cry? Are they happy with happy people?

Do they actually EXPERIENCE the emotion themselves with no correlation as to cause?
Excuse me for being crass but how is that different than just being moody?

For a long time I thought a feeling is what ya got when ya smashed your thumb with a hammer~
Then I actually developed three feelings...hungry, sleepy and horny...and that eventually grew into what ever I have now~

I AM actually becoming more in touch with my emotions...I was kidding about the three...well...two of them were genuine.....

I spend a bit of time reading peoples stories......people. I think I have a pretty accurate radar concerning their general state of mind, emotional state...what have you. But it doesnt come to me as a feeling.

I guess I am wondering where Empathy leaves off and Intuition begins?

Two cents welcome~
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Apr 5, 2012