Feel The Juice: A Empath's Story

Long ago, when I was about six or so, my grandmother asked me if I'd like Orange Juice or Grape Juice. I asked for Grape! In the memory my six year old self left me, my grandmother flipped out about how she'd have to make it herself, and my father admonished me for not picking up on the cues that I should have asked for Orange!

This event, though asinine and almost certainly exaggerated to the point of being untrue, defined much of my psychosis.

And today, I realize that after this happened, I started training myself to be more empathic, without knowing what I was doing.

I constantly feel other's emotions out, and tend to get paranoid when I know someone in the room is feeling awful for reasons that logically have nothing to do with me. I find it difficult to watch movies with my family, since I am picking up on their impressions of the film instead of my own. It has it's benefits: I'm usually able to detect if I am doing something wrong long before it becomes an issue. I am able to locate people by scanning around for them. I can be even stranger and use what I call tendrils, which are in fact shoulder auras, which helps me focus the empathy or block it off. In romance, I can get double whammies, and I mean that in several ways.

I'm trying to learn to control this, since it's not a great talent to have if you can't focus it, expecially if you already have anxiety! I'm glad there's a group like this here, though!

Imagine Sauron as an Empath. "I feeeeeeeeeeeeel you...!"
Dani3Forsyth Dani3Forsyth
1 Response Apr 9, 2012

I've always been able to read people and also often know what they're thinking. I annoyed my children and my ex by answering their questions before they asked them. As I grew up with this ability,I also learnt how to shut it off too. Being "bombarded" in a crowded room is no fun.