Classic Case

I am an empath, a classic case. If you read the definition . . . it defines me. I've been this way all my life . . .and it isn't easy. I feel what others feel so strongly sometimes it's difficult to separate it from myself when I'm over tired. I just know I need to recharge my batteries and withdraw from the world for a while . . . but I'm quick to bounce back. It spills into animals as well and I find it 's mutual . . . they too are accutely sensitive and theres a great repoir with them. I have a strong natural love for them and a need to help and defend them.
I cannot bear to watch violence of any kind on tv . . . boxing make me short of vomiting . . . it physically hurts me just to watch . . . so I don't. And what I find that's most disturbing is how easy it is sometimes to know what others are thinking by way of their emotions. You pick up on that emotional energy and it's like picking up a book . . . sometimes it's too easy to read . . . and I wish it wasn't so.
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Such is the life of an empath. I know all too well.

it's exhausting . . . thank you sister . . . always great meet others . . . for simple understanding alone is a wonderful thing . . . thank you for your comment . . . 8D

I know how you feel, you aren't alone.<br />
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But try and think of it in a positive sense. It's a gift, not many people can know how others feel just by being near them, or listening to them, or watching them. You can use it to help the people you care about, because if you can read them then you can take the steps to help them.<br />
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And when the people you are around are happy, you get to feel their happyness aswell.<br />
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You can also use it to help yourself, if you can feel that somebody is not quite right then you can protect yourself from them. <br />
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It will be hard sometimes but the best way is to just find time alone and just think about things, about the people who you're picking up emotions from, about your own emotions and how to tell the difference between what you are feeling and what they are feeling.<br />
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I'm still getting the hang of it but you can learn to handle it.

thank you very much for your response . . . I do use it to help others . . . in turn it makes me happy when happiness surrounds me . . . you have to admit though it is exhausting . . . thanx again . . . always nice to hear when your not alone . . . I never thought I was . . .

Yeah it does become very draining, that is why you need to learn when it is time to have some personal time alone.

I forgot to mention, if you do something musically expressive, (like playing piano, or singing) put all of the negative feelings inside into that. I play piano and sing when it gets too much and it provides me with a release of the negative emotions in a way that won't hurt anybody.