Beware The Vampires

I'm not speaking of literal vampires here. I'm talking of my art teacher, the energy vampire.

In my previous story I spoke of somebody whose energy I couldn't feel. This is the person I'm speaking of.
Today in art my friends and I figured out something rather interesting. A few people (a friend on here and friends at school)
have speculated that she sucks the energy from others to make herself feel better. We've now learnt in a disturbing way that
we were always right.

During art class today my friends and I, as we always are, were in an upbeat mood. We work with a constant humour around us and
always try to find things to laugh at. We are rarely in bad moods. The teacher kept picking at us today and others were being bad, but we
stayed upbeat. Then after I talked to one of my friends and told her that if we're up beat in this class all the time then the teacher can't get to us and make us feel horrible by sucking us of our energy.

After class however she kept us all in (We aren't bad kids, we weren't in trouble. She just wanted to "talk) while she was talking to us however, we all began to feel horrible. I can't speak for the other three people in the room but I felt anxious and just plain sick. Another of my friends quickly said that they had a bus to catch and we basically all came up with similar excuses and ran the hell away from there.

I can't exactly find any good advice to draw from this yet (it's still a fairly new situation) but so far I've learnt that laughter and being generally positive goes a long way to making you feel better. My friend and I ran and laughed about anything we could on the way out and while I still don't feel 100% okay I don't feel too terrible.
CapriciousConsciousness CapriciousConsciousness
May 8, 2012