My Mothers Emotions And Me As An Empath.

  This is the first time I am going to talk about this so bare with me. I all ready fell better writing this like opening a window in a stale room. Growing up I was a very odd child I liked to play like every other kid but i would randomly shut down I would find a quite place and sit their. Every time my mother all ways asked why I was sad and I would all ways say I don't know. My mother said I just got like that some times. later in life I found out my mother had depression and was not being treated for it well if you consider alcohol treatment which I don't and it probably worsened the situation, But any way I found that very interesting.

  later me and my siblings were forced to live with other family members due to my mothers troubles but eventually she got all of us back. By this time I was eleven and nothing really happened till I was like fourteen or fifteen I had mood swings all the time for no reason and fits of rage at every one for no reason over the stupidest stuff such as some one would say anything to me or some one touching me ever. The only time I felt normal was at high school but once I got home I would transform to this horrible person eventually I learned calming techniques like breathing and counting which helped me and these feelings eventually became less overwhelming but it was ongoing like this annoying buzz in my skull. I don't really remember when I found this out but I remember my mom saying she was on medication for being bipolar which kind of scared me. I though I had the same thing wrong with me but when they took me in to the therapist they sad I was a normal teenager and that was the end of that.
  More recently I have finished high school and have had a terrible time trying to get a job and move out so im stuck for now. So I have felt tired all the time sleeping ten plus hours a day I have had this pain in my hip so now I ask my mother all about her medical problems and she tells me her thyroid is shunting down and she has pain in her joints especially in her hips I tell her about my pain and she says o that's a weird coincidence and she says I have noticed you sleeping more I told her you think. and only recently have I found out im an empath and im still learning but I think my mother has something special about her even when I try to block things out it gets through. I was just wondering does any one have a problem like this or is their a way i can block the feelings completely out or any idea why my mothers feelings are so strong any help would be appreciated.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

...i can very much relate to you. i am an emphatic myself. i find i am attached to so much, i get lost with what is even mine have tried several techniques to try and 'wash' myself clear of all these other energies. and like your situation many times the physical ailments of others is what you tend to take on, almost as if you are in some way relieving them of some of their suffering, but now you are caught i suggest to inhale deeply... upon exhale this energy 'you are not mine'... i set you free to the universe for cleansing, to heal. and while exhaling with a slow force deep or a rage if you feel it... until you feel you have released every bubble of air in your body. repeat this until you feel a sense of freeing. swipe your hands down your arms as to be 'dusting yourself off' ,but with a force in that you are insistent this energy cannot cling to you... and down your legs or where ever you feel. shake it off. bathing and letting the energy go down the drain back to the earth. sage smudge. or sending white light and love to those energies...i believe it is possible some spirits attach to us in utter loss for knowing how to escape their own pain, whether physical, emotional or whatever...that they seek light, like a portal and need help being released. you are an angel. blessings...

thank you this is very helpful :) i was just wondering if you would be able to tell me anything on why i pick up my mothers problems so easily and what i could possibly do like put up a wall or something.