Being Empathing Leading To Maturing Beyond The Home Environment.

Well, it certainly has been a while since I've posted here.

Since discovering myself to be an Empath in the autumn of 2010, I began to ask the question about who I really was (I was majoring in Mechanical Engineering as everyone said I'd be good at it).  After a year of reflection, I figured out who I was (my mechanical prowess stemming from an artistic and creative talent), which was a great relief for me.  I would have liked to have gone on a cross-country road trip this summer to supplement it by experiencing how the US is, but that is not feasible now or for the foreseeable future.

Even so, with this little journey of self-discovery and introspection, my mind has become more open (also thanks to a professor who didn't know there was a proverbial box to think in).  With this I think came a certain level of maturity and self-control (I've had some trouble with my temper before and have been curbing it fairly well over the past year or so).  My friends at college notice this maturity and respect it, allowing for some open-minded conversations among us about subjects like politics, sexuality, and media influence.

However, when I came home I noticed a remarkable difference in my maturity and my family's.  The giggling at twelve-year-old "pee-pee" jokes and risque media (like a Victoria's secret underwear commercials and short skirts to name but a few) I found to be quite annoying.  Out of the four family members (five, were I to include myself), I get along best with my father-who I know is at least a Highly Sensitive Person, if not empathic.

The aura (color, emotion, whatever word you prefer) of immaturity I receive from my mother and older brothers is sometimes so intense that I can't do anything but sit in my room (which I share with a brother) doing nothing.  It is quite frustrating, as it drains my energy when I want to be doing activities I enjoy (drawing, watching movies, writing, etc).  I'm thinking about practicing shielding techniques, but I don't know where to start.  There's so much silly occult stuff out there, but I suppose there may be some truth in that if one looks hard enough.  I'm of the opinion that occult methodology is just used to activate oneself, and that anything could be used if one believed in it, but believe I've digressed from my point enough.

What I find to be the most intriguing (and a little sad) is that I am more mature than my older brothers, yet in order to keep the peace (as it were) I take on a similar immature persona that I don't particularly like.  Were I to act in the same manner as I did while at college (what I feel to be a more mature level) I would probably be labeled as being in a foul mood as I wouldn't talk much to such immature people, or I'd ream them about their immaturity.  Even when I do drop the immature persona, I feel the blank uncomprehending feeling my mother and brothers have towards me, as if asking "why would you do that?".

I would discuss this with my parents, but the last time I had a "heart to heart" chat with my parents was well over a year ago, and it was about me being empathic.  My mother thought I was crazy, and that feeling still haunts me to this day.  But my father being as understanding as he is helped me along the best he could during the conversation (I think he's the only sane one in the house, poor guy), but the topic of empaths hasn't come up since, although my grandparents allude to similar subjects that stretch back into the family history...

The point is, I need some advice about how to deal with the immaturity among the people who are OLDER than me.  I'm open to any suggestions.

Thanks | :^)
GMer56 GMer56
May 20, 2012