Over the years I have struggled with depression and anxiety, I grew up around alot of negative energy therefore making me more suspetible to negative engery. I first started to realize I was different when I was in junior high and as the years went on I struggled to see things clearly. Feeling things I didnt understand, confusing my own self with others struggles. Also losing alot of friends due to my clouded thoughts. Its been kind of lonely and hurtful over the years but about two years ago I researched to try and find an answer, I stumbled apon empath. It was like it was telling my life story. After finding this out I embraced it and found peace within myself and was able to help others. I did my first reading when I was 15( not knowing what I was doing), I've picked peoples thoughts without even trying and have had many odd experiences as far as feelings in general. This past year I struggled to remember how special I was and fell again into a deep dark hole. I am now starting to come back to, thanks to a friends i stumbled across just last weekend. I am trying my hardest to not feel crazy and to try to get my ablility under control. I started my meditation again( started doing so around age 16) and am seeing things a bit more clear however I still struggle on a day to day. Not wanting to leave my house, scared of meeting new people. I almost feel as though I wish I were invisible but I do not wish to feel this way any longer. If someone could give me some cooping skils to help understand the empath language in my head that would be amazing. I dont want to do this alone any longer I wish to share my experience with the world however before doing so I would like to get all of this under control. It has hurt many relationships for me and wish to have people in my life. Help anyone??
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Well brother preach. I'm telepathic to boot and it's been quite experience for me, rather negative until I learnt to meditate. I'm taking shamanism classes to cope and learn control

It's scary when you first realize what's going on.. because we have been taught in our society that when things like empathy in the extreme happen... it's our imaginations. Not only that, but then if you add into it the fact that most people don't WANT us to know what they are feeling, if you question it, they will lie. Which leaves an empath saying, "Hmmm.. I guess I was wrong." which is horrible. We only learn to control and appreciate it through trusting OUR instincts, and not the words of others. Now, is this fun? No, not really... because your significant other will NOT appreciate you knowing their every feeling. It's very personal, invasive, and hard to explain when you don't understand yourself. BUT it is your reality, and hiding from it does not make it go away. A word to the wise, it CAN make you physically ill, so the sooner you learn to trust yourself, the more headaches (literally) you will save yourself. The next step is to start looking into methods of 'shielding' or blocking yourself off from others' emotions. That is not a simple answer I can give you, it's a matter of finding what works for you. For me, it's literal. I find myself creating a mental shield and then envisioning other people's emotions bouncing off of it. For some, that works, for others, they think I am a nutcase. (Yes, on occasion, I can be one of those too, usually after I've left my house and dealt with too many jerks, idiots, and outright morons... no I am not judgmental usually, but for some reason, I seem to literally attract them and their rude commentary) <br />
Being empath comes with benefits too though. You can see through a liar with no problem once you trust yourself, you always know when someone is being fake, and you have an unusual ability to calm others down. it's because we not only feel emotion, we emit emotion. Often an empath will know what someone is going to say, or an event that is going to occur before it happens.. yes, being empath is part of the psychic world, in that science cannot explain it. They have tried explaining it away with the concept of reading facial ex<x>pressions, vocal tones, etc, but... what about the images that come from someone without seeing their face or hearing their voice? what about the images that come or comments that pop into your head in another person's voice, or another place you've never seen? It's not well understood, BUT, they (the people who are openminded enough, the scientists that SEE it happening) estimate that about 5% of the population has this ability to the extreme, and we ALL possess it in some form. They call it intuition, instinct, and any other candy coated explanation they can find. The reality is, it's not something that is explained, and we DON'T always have to have the answer to why something is. Why do we breathe oxygen instead of carbon dioxide? BECAUSE WE DO. It's an empirical fact. So.. anyone needing to chat, I'm easy to find, I won't lie to you, I won't sugar coat it, but I will try to help. K? That's all I can do, because i learned the hard way, I alone cannot change the world, but, in order for the world to change, it has to START with me.. and you... and you.. and you..... :) <br />
Nutjob lady out! Blessings all.. :)

i would really love to talk to you further. see the issue i have is the emotions that come across me i except them as my guessing this is common but when i first got into the pyschic feel of things it was pure interest ( everything happens for a reason) and i asked to not hear others voices so any voice i hear is my own. i dont know how to reverse that so i know that its not me. ive heard things like taking to heart the words "i dont know i dont need to know" will help me better understand what i feel as myself and what others feel. = this is all so confusing and overwhelming i literally feel insane. its disrupted my life because ill have these moment where theres nothing to explain why im doing what im doing and i crash and burn. i start a new job tomorrow and am terrified this will happen again. this world is full of negative thoughts emotions and actions all of which affect me greatly but even with knowing that i still cant figure it out

This is ABSOLUTELY affecting me at work! i left my long time career due to an extremely negative person there it was heart breaking for me. (jnross1137 at yahoo dot com)

.____ I am trying my hardest to not feel crazy and to try to get my ablility under control...I almost feel as though I wish I were invisible but I do not wish to feel this way any longer...___<br />
<br />
I have no help to offer you but as i read your story after joining this group 2secs ago it hit me in the same place i am at. I knew i was different my entire life and now that i've intersected my path its opened me SO wide that it is extremely painful and heavily emotionally confusion. I am REACHING out to start this journey and i'd love a person to talk to and share this all with.

hello sweetie. id be more then glad to keep in touch through this. you can email me for now becus my phone is shut off but once it is on we can text and talk. sound good?