I Need To Know If This Is Normal

i have known something was different about me since i was normal then i learned i was showing signs that i was a empath as i was growing up. i only focused on blocking this gift but it seems as i block my gift i block myself from feeling anything . is it that normal to try to block feeling others to the point where you cant feel your own feelings or do i just not feel anything. i as because now it seems i cant block it out and my strongest feeling only r there when im around the people having them while alone i feel close to nothing .
kevinbaker kevinbaker
22-25, M
1 Response Jun 21, 2012

I have found that most people who have grown from childhood to adulthood being empathic has at some point done all they could to block the flood of other peoples emotions. I also did it to the point where i couldn't feel my own emotions. The one thing I can tell you is this as an empath you feel a lot. This is what i did to help learn how to filter out others emotions. I have a friend that i trust to not look at me and think I'm a little nuts and i sit with her a lot in a place where it is just the two of us and let down all the blocks. then I have her go through a list of emotions happy, sad, depressed, anger and i work on just filtering them instead of blocking them completely. I don't know if that helps but hope it gives you an idea of how to learn to control how much you block.