Fallen Angel?

I just found out last night that I was a Fallen Angel Empath lol. I guess I still have a lot to learn about this. Do some of you feel that it is a curse instead of a gift?

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Many are stating that being an empath can be a curse as well as a gift. I agree, but I disagree that empath's are fallen angels. However, empaths who have the ability to tap into the divine, unconditional love of God, as being manifested into a physical human life, are still affected by the ego, which often conflicts with the abilities of being an empath. This can then seem as a curse, where our abilities [in themselves] are an amazing gift.

I only just found out that I also am what is known as a fallen angel empath, so I guess we are both on the same road to learning more about such things.<br />
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For me, there are days where I feel that being empathic can be a curse, but most of the time, I feel that as long as I can bring a smile to someone or brighten their day even for a moment, then everything has been worth it.

what makes you think you are a fallen angel? If you found that in a personality test like the girl above I get doubts about that... the best way to find your true self is within..

Yes, last time I used to feel that it was more of a curse than a gift but recently I'm leaning more towards the 50-50 and that it's a gift that comes with a curse.<br />
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Also, I feel that you should just use the term empath. Fallen angel empath sounds weird and if you reveal to your friends that you're a fallen angel empath instead of saying that you're an empath I can imagine the looks of "what the hell are you trying to say".

p.s it mean to be a sensitive ..or able to experience the thoughts , feelings of anothers past or present...

Grounding and centering is not created because your helping someone... it is done before you do help someone.. or you run the risk of keeping that "negativity" There are steps if you like that a healer needs to take before a healing is done... But first - spiritual cleansing of your area, and of oneself,,, then protocol is permission. for the healing ..then grounding and centering.,, you may call upon one of the arch angels if you like .. I find it a total blessing , in all of my experiences as a practitioner of intuitive healing .. I have felt the ups and down, the pain, the joy... and the beauty of it all.. I give thanks and gratitude every day for having the divine guide my hands and give me the insightfulness and the guidance of helping people ,heal themselves.. for I am the conductor, the messenger.. good luck ladies in your development and I hope you alway's look upon it as a joy ... Blessing to you all

At times it can feel like a curse, but for me the benefits far out-weigh the negative. I've found ways to help people with it, which enables me to keep myself grounded. Not everyone wants help or can be helped, sensing who those people are can be disheartening. Being around those I have helped or can be helped is like turning the negative into a positive. Meditation is an immensely great tool to rid oneself of the emotions of others and again turn a negative into a positive. It also helps to remember that it is a gift and to treat it as such. Not all empaths are the same, we each have different abilities along with the 'knowing', find in yourself the other gifts you have. I hope it will bring you inner peace.

Blumcsi I guess the Fallen Angel Empath is the beginner stage? lol I don't know, thats what the quiz said I was...

What's a fallen angel empath?

I feel that like everthing else in life it is just something more to experience, you just have to learn to live with it.