Who Am I? And Why Do Some Wish To Harm Me?

I've spent my entire life asking myself that question. I'm a natural born empath, who up until about a month ago never knew empaths existed. 
I've spent my entire life, Exspearing everyone else's emotions, I can't tell the difference between my emotions and the person siting next to me. Ive been told that I'm bi-polar, ADHD and that I have clinical anxiety. But trough my research I've come to the conclusion that, that is not the case at all. Though I'm still skeptic, not so much that empaths  exist, but more so that I am an empath. I keep looking for blogs and forums to prove me wrong, but the more and more I read the more I believe. There is not one blog one forum that I can not relate to completely, it's relieving and inspiring all at the same time, I only fear that I'm wrong.. If that be the case then the only alternative is that I have had some kind of psychotic break and I need to be hospitalized. I've been working on shielding, and I've noticed that when I have a shield up it makes the every day to day social engagements I am obligated to partake in (I.e. work,grocery shopping paying bills) more bearable.  I'm still learning so much.. I feel in writing the blog and telling a piece of my story, (as generalized  as it maybe) is a step in the right direction to excepting and embracing my "gift".   the only question I have is in regards to being a dumping ground.. I have people (even the most private and quiet people) come to me and tell me there life story's as if I'm suppose to solve all there problems.. But in this last year I feel I've been the target, for people's rage and hatred.. So much that at times I fear for my personal safety. It's coming from all directions and all walks of life. Complete strangers gaze at me like I'm the source of all there problems and they want me dead, there emotions are so strong and so over whelming, I've had people pull up beside me in traffic only to give me a nasty look and put there arms out as if to say what the F*** you going to do? And then speed up and cut me off. They have ran me off the road as well. I always know when I'm in or about to be in there presence soon, I just feel them coming.. My husband for the the longest time thought I was just paranoid..until the other day, when we were stopped at a red light and out of no wear I felt them coming,I said to him, this guy about to pass us is going to give me the look of death. Sure enough he did. That set my husband off, but that shockingly didn't phase me.. I didn't feel his anger.. I felt relief that some one else seen it, and believe it. I would like to add, that every single angry soul I encounter are complete strangers.. I guess I just want to know why these people are compelled to hate me.. It's like they view me as Casey Anthoney and that's no exaggeration. Well this is a small piece of my story,thoughts and views. This is all so new To me, so forgive me if anything I said dont seem to make sense, I'm still trying to make sense of my life, who I am.. Thank you for reading. Opinions,suggestions or just supportive  comments would be more then appreciated. 
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I am a natural born empath also. Whatever the hell you decide to do, DO NOT TELL YOUR DOCTOR! They will put you in a metal ward. I suggest seeing an alternative health care provider, possibly an energy healer. Good luck :)

I'm planing on keeping this one to myself for a bit.. As of right now only my husband knows. As an untrained empath I think I would be putting myself at risk ( no only for a trip to the looney bin) but to also have my "gift" used against me.. Thank you :-) I'm currently reading a book by rose rosetree called be the most important person in the room, it's a 30 day guid to becoming a skilled emapth. It had excellent reviews. There's just so much to take In, just in general. My minds been non-stop spinning.