Cptsd And Have Known I'm An Empath For 13 Yrs.

I was brought up by a cruel Bi-Polar mother. I say cruel since not all Bi-Polar people are cruel. At 10 I went through the worst possible trauma, can't write about it now. So sorry! Years later I was disassociated, although I married young had a lot of children that I loved. Only after the same trauma happened by a co-worker did I recieve Pro. Help! I came out of my disassociate state only to have a breakdown! I can feel so much! I thought it was just a reaction to therapy, but, the empathy wouldn't stop! I again thought it was from my hyper vigilance, since I suffer from CPTSD! Although it's not a legitimate diagnosis, it basically means someone who suffered trauma for an extended time. I can 't be around people who are hostile, though they hide it. I watch a movie & can become physically sick when a character does. I don't know if I really am an Empath or just good at reading people's hidden emotions. Thank You if you took the time to read this. Magpie1120
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I read this and if I didn't know any better I'd have sworn I wrote it!

You're not alone! I was misdiagnosed, and therefore mis-medicated all my life as being bipolar myself. Only to discover as an adult that I am extremely Empathic, and I am a Medium. My adoptive mother, whom didn't adopt me till I was older and had already been traumatized, ruined my life, and I swear SHE was the bipolar one!

I have actually cut off communication with that portion of my "family". I was never good enough for them anyways, why should I allow them to suck the life out of me any more than they have already? I am glad to discover my true gifts, it makes my hard life make a little more sense, and not suck so bad.

Good luck to you, stay strong! Message me any time, sounds like we could really use each others experiences!

You are an empath.. all humans are.. The difference is in the amount of sensitivity you allow..
You can look it up on line.. look up ... the Limbic System... it explains the why and how it works..
Sorting thing out will help with the rest...

I always thought it would be a good thing to be an empath.
Reading emotions could be beneficial, but I can see that it can have a negative impact.