My Search For Answers

Since finding out I was empath, I have done extensive  reserch, I have spent hours upon hours reading blogs and forums, trying to better understand what it is to be an empath, and  also the relief I feel after reading some one else's story and knowing that I'm not alone and I'm not Insane, words just can't describe. 
Now that I'm sure, with out no doubts or fear that I am an empath, and I am not insane, I started looking for answers on how to better control it.. 
I had already come across shielding and grounding, which I can honestly say is not helping me much.. 
Just yesterday, I was out with. My family shopping for school cloths. 
We decided to go to the mall, everything was ok.. At first but the more time I spent there the more overwhelmed I got, I tried to shield numerous times with no success, everyone's emotions were just flooding into me... Finally when we were all done I left, feeling overwhelmed and drained. I wanted no social interaction with anyone, I just wanted to go into my room curl up in a ball and "rest". Which would have been ok, except  I had to leave for work in less the an hour in a half.. with what I do, I can not have a negative aura.. Cause it will not only effect me but also the HSP clients I am there to take care of.
Wile I was at work my husband did some resherch for me. He came across  a book by rose rosetree call " how to be the most important person in the room" from what I gathered, the book is about empath empowerment... It's a 30day guid to becoming a skilled empath.. It gives you simple task to do everyday for 30 days along with easy to relate with scenarios to better explain how this task will help, what it will do and why it is so important.  I just started reading it and I'm on task 1. The book it self it very affordable, if you have a kindle it's $10.00 and for a paper back it's only $15.00. The reviews on this book are very good, it's 5 stared, a lot of people say that it has changed there life. For all the newly found empaths or even the ones who have know they were empaths for a wile and are still having trouble dealing with it, this could give you something to think about. I'll be sharing more story's along they way as I get deeper and deeper In to the book... But as of right now this is all I got. 
5implycomplicated 5implycomplicated
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012