Unspoken Thoughts

I am feeling relieved and overwhelmed since coming across the word "Empath". I have written hundreds of poems all my life trying to find any outlet that could help me deal with how I feel. Now my poems make a lot more sense too!


I wake up every morning
Only to feel my heart break
What is so wrong with me, I wonder...
How much more pain can I possibly take?

A smile plastered on my face
Trying so hard not to cry
When I say that I’m happy
Deep down inside I know it’s a lie

There a hole in my spirit
My heart weighed down with fears
My stomach feels tied up in knots
In anticipation of the upcoming years

Will I be a big failure
Or am I strong enough to succeed
Be able to obtain the things I want
As well as all that I need

When will I understand why I hurt so much
I shouldn’t have to live this way
Never quite sure of how to react
Overwhelmed by feelings, every single day

It seems like I’m making it hard on myself
Trying to find a place in which I belong
I’ve always thought I was a good person
Yet everything seems to end up wrong
kasman85 kasman85
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2012