Reminds Me Of Popular Bible College Lecturer, Doug Barnet @ Moorlands College, Dorset

Reminds me of popular Bible College lecturer, Doug Barnet @ Moorlands College

He said those called into full time ministry are often folk of great sensitivity

I've always had a vivid imagination

& had actor training & experience in Liverpool's Roundabout Releases, who had Top 31 band Parchment & oft-broadcast playwright Murray Watts

Read Psalm 22 @

It's an amazingly detailed prophecy of Christ's crucifixion - written @ 1000 BC

His bosom friend - Judas - 'lifted up his heel against me'

But, in the Spirit, all who love Jesus, worldwide, are spiritual brothers & sisters

1 Corinthians 3 calls us living stones in the eternal building of which Christ is Cornerstone - as plants in the garden of which Christ is the Gardener

Prayer can move the hand of God on the far side of the world, so distance is no object

Praying for you

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Sep 11, 2012