Lending A Helping Hand, Was The Least I Could Do.

Today I conchusly used my gift, I know I'm not skilled but I know enuf to be of some use. This women deserved it more then anyone I have ever met. If I didn't know any better I'd say she was an empath to. A very skilled one, but never the less empath in distress. I don't know how we'll I did, but I know I lifted her pain at least wile I was in her presence... I don't know if I can do more, maybe when I'm more skilled ill be of better use.

So.. Here's what happened, I was taking one of the clients I work with on an outing to a pottery class. When I walked in I could feel some tension, I figured she didn't like me, (always the first thing that comes to mind)
As the day progressed, she opened up and shared what was going on. I guess you could consider it unloading, but I didn't mind one bit.... In fact I welcomed it. As she talked I watched her body language and demeanor, the sea of emotions she held back, pour out.. The client didn't notice.. But I did. Her best friend whom was only 37 years old was dyeing. I guess she came down with phenomena, I don't know the details but it was terminal shutting all her organs down. She told me that they were taking her off her venalter today, and that she wasn't sure if she could go see her or not, that she Dident want to see her that way. Before I know it, it was time to get my client home. We said our byes and left ( even tho I just wanted to grab her and give her a big hug, tell her everything was going to be ok)

I knew today I had to go see her, so I pulled one of my moms famous moves, I showed up with out calling. Prob not the best idea, it was a little awkward at first, how ever the question remains, had I not been so "aggressive" in helping, and called, would she have had time to meet with me today? (Considering her friend had just passed away today) I started off by telling her that I came to see her and how she was doing. (Before i knew of the passing) But I felt a wall going up, right then I knew I said the wrong thing. In fear of being shut out forever, I directed my attention to her business and we talked about that for awhile, I told her about my daughter and my nephew and how I plan on bringing them. Which I do. I told her how much my daughter is going to love her.. Which she will very much. We talked for an hour, we smiled and laughed together brain storming coming up with awesome ideas for events that are coming up... We made a real connection! It was like I had known her my entire life. After an hour I realized my husband and daughter were stills waiting for me in that car (HAHA) omm oppsies? So we said our good byes. My daughter will be taking class's for sure, people like her are rare to come by. She has a big heart and a pure soul, if anyone deserved healing ( what little I could provided) it was her.i would do it everyday all day.
5implycomplicated 5implycomplicated
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012