Caring Too Much

I just recently realized that not everyone can feel the way I do. I always assumed that everyone knew what others were thinking/feeling. I never understood how people can do such horrible things to each other. I am especially sensitive to children. I thought everyone's heart ached to the point of feeling like it was going to burst when they saw or heard about violent acts. When I meet someone I know "how" they are and what they really think of me. I thought everyone was like that. I just "know" what to say to people to make them feel better or understand things. I thought everyone did. I am very sensitive to noise and smell. I prefer dimly lit rooms. For instance, when driving on the highway I can just "tell" when the person in front of me is about to get over, this definitely comes in handy for semis. I actually have not been able to drive on the highway for the last several years. For some reason it started causing me extreme anxiety. I know what to say to people to motivate them, I know what they want to hear. I am aware that this is pretty much a post of spontaneous ramblings, but I have just considered the fact that the way I am is something. I have just started to research myself over the past few weeks. I believe my daughter is the same way as I am. She is empathetic to a fault. She is able to feel people's suffering. I think seeing these traits in her but not all of my children made me realize they way we feel is not "normal". I guess everyone doesn't feel the way I do. It's too bad, there would be a lot less suffering in the world if everyone did.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

You just described me. I can't watch the news and cover my ears when anyone tries to tell me something about a child being hurt.