The Power Bestowed By God

Firstly I must introduce our synergistic minds of emotion and physicality, we have the power to feel emotions that radiate around our existence, we are one with emotion, we define emotions, we calibrate emotions, we connect emotions, we infuse emotions with our own, we suffocate in emotions, we breathe emotions, we palpitate emotions, we create emotions, we express emotions, we unlock emotions, we travel through tunnels of emotions of all variants in the existence of expression.

I have been an empath since my miraculous birth I believe. This power was sealed inside of my heart, it was caged and imprisoned due to the apathetic bale of society that damned my soul to pain and anguish. I had to survive and keep my heart purged of further corruptibility and satanic malice that would've obliterated the gift wrapped inside of my beating chest. The key to unlock this divinity of angelic smite upon apathy was my acceptance of my disease that plagued and caused my childhood discriminative misery. If I had not done this process in my life and forged hatred and disdain towards my enemies my empathy would've been locked away for an eternity to be buried under a rubble of dark matter.

Proceeding forth. I have always been able to feel people's auras or emotions, whether they realized this or not, they couldn't because it's a spirituality between the catalyst host and the emotional sonar to receive feedback, usually emotions are a conjuration of our environment, ourselves, the people around them who radiate their own energies to meld in capability. Empathy allows us to feel them all and either do some of the following:

1. Take upon them ourselves.
2. Add them to our own emotions and contort.
3. Fabricate them into other emotions for benefits.
4. Albeit drown in them too and end up masking their own emotions.

It is possible to transfer emotions to someone else, to backfire in purge. (will get into that later)
Although empathy has it's ways of confusing us with other emotions, we still have the ability to feel other people's emotions, allowing us insight upon their ordeals and stress, even know what's tinkering inside of their minds.

Empathy is also a double-edged sword, a curse and blessing, the symbolic power of heaven and hell, it can purify and destroy by any means of utilizing this dangerously graceful ability.

This power can cure people because you can read deep into their situation, gore into their past, dig through anything and everything they were feeling during that time and gauge it with your wisdom and intelligence to grasp at full pelt clarification. By doing this you can discover and pin point any pain you desire and repair it with solutions and advice. Also providing relief and compassionate care to bolster your clerical healing prowess.

This power can destroy people because you can manipulate their emotions with words our voice, our weapons of offense and defense to counter and retaliate against them, empaths can travel into your soul if powerful enough and take complete and absolute control of you if they desired, they can coerce your soul to feel their energy, smother them and reinforce their own energy and emotions to converge. This can be very terrifying if used for negative agendas, because if you enforce apathy or dread, two of the most insurmountable dark energies known to empathetic breeds. You can obliterate them from the inside out, implant the seed of chaos to implode unto macabre evanescence, shattering them forever.

Empathy also augments the user's wisdom and intelligence to the merit of a genius leveled visionary, capable of unlimited potential and innovation. Capability is unmatched and unrivaled by any normal human being. The imaginative cognitive process of the mind is awakened surrealistically unlocking the gates to euphoria and comprehension, because your vocabulary utilized to reformat your creation by the right hemisphere is no longer present in logic or straight forward thoughts. However they are free flowing, everlasting, abundant, they weave through your fingertips without thought or a single moment of blunt ignorance. It is...the ultimate enlightenment one can ever receive in this world.

Empathy is a godly and devilish strength and weakness. It is an advantage and disadvantage because while you can help others and better understand life, the world and all around you, it's overwhelming too because those emotions aren't yours and you cannot control them because they are consistent and unpredictable, sometimes causing fluster and self-destructive collapse. The darkness within society and reality, dreams and nightmares, realms and spatial dimensions can feed off your anxiety allowing them to violate your mind and heart, tainting them with malicious corruptibility, encompassing your world with an overcast of darkness, causing pain, suffering, anguish, depression, fear, etc.

Empathy can be felt through people close to your heart as well, those you hold dear, if you are close enough to them, and it is mutuality and commonality, then you will feel their emotions realistically, physically and mentally. They can enhance feelings and emotions to the heart, mind and soul, radiate or retract them, some cannot control this power, others can better than others. I will now provide my example:

An EP friend and two others were full of dread and rueful emotions that smacked my face like a hot iron skillet a day and two ago, my first experience, it came so quick I couldn't breathe, my face flushed feverishly and my heart felt squelched, there was a burning cold and darkness enveloping my body uncontrollably, it was happening too fast for me to push it back in was too much I wanted to die right then and there because it was so paramount and suffocating. I cried and cried and cried, curled into a ball to conceal my pain but it was of no use. My energy was jaded as was my strength to retaliate vigorously...the pain was so bad...because their pain was so horrific, added to empathy's sensitivity to emotions, plus it stock-piled and crashed upon my entire existence without a single warning.

I had no choice but to use a sliver of apathy to first block it's contamination then utilize a familiar emotion called rage. I unleashed it's fury to embody my bravura to decimate it instantly. Provided by the love and support from other Ep friends and my own gift of compassion and unconditional love to win myself back over before I truly considered suicide...the pain was just that unreal I kid you not this is very real.

Lastly...empathy can also be used in a new way that I discovered. Empathy can be used to vent on another's behalf. I allowed myself to swap positions with an EP friend who was full of rage I could feel my face flush red, my heart palpitated and my body's temperature skyrocketed. If I hadn't then I would've been consumed by the Hulk's version of venomously vengeful bale.

I vented and screamed the words from my finger's wavelength to my brain unthinkably in order to release all of this fire burning inside of me, miraculously it worked, for the both of us, it was amazing, no other connection like that existed until that day, the feelings vanished into nonexistence, empathy has proved it's worth throughout this entire story disregarding the accursed properties.

I am an empath and this power was bestowed by god himself.

If I am missing anything or if you have further insight you are more than free to discuss! ^_^

Deuces (peace)!

But...for all skeptics I narrowed down some factual evidence of this gift:

EP Link

EP Link

EP Link
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Incredible story..I'm sitting here balling uncontrollably overcome with joy, relief, oh the list could go on forever as you know...It has been one terribly wonderful rollercoaster ride for me throughout my life, wondering what was wrong with me, turning to drugs to ease my pain" to an extremely dangerous extent :'( I am in an ok point in life now, though. Clean & sober with a beautiful family, but it has still been hell for me up until about the2 weeks ago when I came upon the existence of has started turning my world right side up again....thanks to people like you who share their feelings in words so brilliantly. Thank you for the hope & knowledge. God bless.

Thank you for sharing this story,you have a lot if insight for someone so young.But as I believe in reincarnation you are without doubt a very old soul.

Interesting story , thanks for sharing it. You do seem to experience some rather extreme things don't you ?

You can say that lol...

You have given a better description of empathy than anything I have ever read on the subject. Thank you.

Welcome :) And wow thank you!

I don't know that I'm this fantastic.


Too many egos happening below this comment. I don't do religion per Se, just Truth, which is everywhere. People find spirituality in things that resonate with their vibrational frequency. All judgement should be set aside and look for the truth. It is not about attacking, who is right or wrong. It is about the light. You cannot find this if one operates using the ego. Light does attract darkness and darkness likes to spit venom.
The truth shines through with clarity for me, but it won't be to everyone's taste as we process things differently and are searching for different things. Anyway this story is very deep and some will miss the message but we are here to learn, share and help each other. Deal with your issues those with them and do not dish them out to others who are trying to help. It is very unattractive.

I agree.

Wow!, Amazing!. I was with you, and so young.x


Emotional IQ. Your very well spoken.

"This power can destroy people because you can manipulate their emotions with words our voice, our weapons of offense and defense to counter and retaliate against them"

Only a fool would walk the dark path with there empathy, I would pity the empath more than the victim who does this. Cosmic law will eventually restore homeostasis to the victim but the empath has to live with the forces they send forward into the world.

You know Lushiro the energy of others can be filtered, if we work with our ego and its perfection through transcendent wisdom we can interact with the energy of others and not have it overwhelm us. The way to do so is to change the way you view the energy itself. If your afraid of fear then when you experience it in others it has greater effect on you. If you can forgive those who hate you completely then when you feel hatred in others it passes right through you. This is the path to enlightenment.

I have been in exile for 15 years but I have recently noticed a great many children are being born completely open to there empathic abilities, even from birth. What a terrible curse and blessing I thought. Many of them think what they have found is enlightenment but it is not. It is the way to enlightenment however. Without compassion and empathy there is little hope for ascent. I worry because a lot of those I have met thus far have been very insightful but often egotistical. So there is no improvement, indeed there could perhaps be an even greater chance for failure now that such power is the hands of children who think themselves wise.

What are your thoughts on this?

Unfortunately the fool would be us giving into our egotistical side, the alter-ego who wishes carnage and absolute devastation, that is not naturally apart of our nature. Lol I have no more fears, pointless to be afraid of anything even Satan himself. All a figment of the mind that grants us unlimited potential. But yes I know what you're saying too well and have practiced such for years and told others how to perform the ultimate act of compassion, acceptance and forgiveness to surpass their pain and arrogance of relent. I have quite frankly acquired the perfect mentality for further enlightenment, not a spec of evil within me though I will always still be vulnerable to the forces of egotistical darkness binded within by the catalyst of Lucifer himself, the seed of all arrogance and jealousy.

We are all born with gifts but without God or the truth we cannot know true enlightenment or salvation from sin. Our faith, empathy, love, acceptance and compassion are the keys to everything, the activation of our powers and the purity of our hearts.

Have you faced the deceiver at the threshold of eternity Lushiro? The one they call Maya. I was presented with the trial. He said to me "how will you pass the test of the enlightened ones who have gone before you? What makes you worthy?" The little wind spoke to me and the answer came, "there is no test to face, you have no power over me" I replied.

Well yes technically...for the sin part but salvation in the end of our mortality exists, least in my eyes.

Basically that's exactly all you need to say and yes I do. Daily. Again, no darkness has power over me or anyone else.

Strive diligently.


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I love this story. I feel the same way as you do. This gift is truly a gift from God and he has spoken to me many a time about it and what my purpose in life is with using this gift. You are such an enlightened person. It is wonderful to know that there is someone else who feels exactly as I do :)

The feeling is mutual. :)

I agree to the title of your post to an extent - Empathic skills are a gift and it is personal power if we use it wisely and compassionately. If it is dominated by egoistical purpose, then it is power in the selfish sense and it cannot be useful to 'help' anyone. So yeah, like you mentioned, being an Empath is a double-edged sword.

If you read your Bible, it isn't God who you get this power from.

Unfortunately then you don't know GOD.

You can protect yourself from being harmed by other's negative energy I am learning. It's hard to do, but when I can distinguish between another's emotion and my own, then I am able to isolate it, feel what they feel without allowing myself to be damaged or changed by it.

I am wondering about doing the same with one's own emotions.

Golf clap to you good sir. Well spoken.

Thank you.

What a bunch of imaginative fluff. God...LOLOL

You are blinded by ignorance of your deactivated soul.

And its individuals such as yourself who could stand to benefit greatly from an well as a good dose of openmindedness. God bless.

You took all the things i know and feel and put the words on paper !! Things i can't express ! Well spoken !!!

Lol :P No problem. I might publish this if I can...o.o

You should !! I was thinking the whole time "Wow this should be in a book"
Sometimes i can't block other energys from people so i stay away ftom them as much as i can. I have a few serious health problems so my most difficult times. are going around my parents who both have lung problems... I can't breath !! Also i just feel every thing the do ..... I can only take so much. Are there any books you can recommend to help me with this ?? Thank you !!

I'll get back to you, when I do I'll reply back to this story.

Okay here's my list:
Empathy and Apathy

See if any of these subject is right for you depending on what you NEED to learn. Ciao.

Yes she did!!! Incredible :)

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I agree with you, I have that as well, though I think my powers are part something else, though I am not sure, because I'm actually able to sense someone's personality, not just their emotions, and lately it's getting stronger, I'm never fully accurate but it's getting to the point I can instantly know when I can trust someone or not, their personality traits, and whatnot. There's nothing on the internet about this and it's annoying me hahahaha.

All the same here we have the power of god in a subtle way for the greater good of this world. When did you feel this way, can you feel my emotions. I feel as though you feel good about yourself.

Perhaps. Yes I do feel good about myself.

Hmm... Let's see...

You're feeling decent today, nothing fluctuates too much, it feels kinda blank. Perhaps you're blocking me.

I do know however that you sometimes have difficulty sorting out your emotions, you lack the capability to handle too much stress, hate to see others hurt, care about others quite a bit, you tend to hide behind layers of masks because you hate to be bare to others emotionally, though at times you take off all these masks because you want to erupt, usually in a public place, though you prefer doing it in private, though you kinda want people to notice it because you kinda hope they, like you, can suck in your emotions to let it out.

It could be quite inaccurate, or maybe not. You are quite double-sided.

You are correct nice read but I'm emitting a lot of sunlight from my body, empaths over EP can feel my radiance I think it's too much for you but allows you to enter the doorway to understanding me.

I am both apath and empath. Still apparently by my empathy is stronger.

Hmph... who knows hehehe. ^^ You may emit sunlight but there are quite a few threads of dark in there.

Yeah I know I recently recovered from accepting my true pain, my dark side, he is still there but I am consistently watching over that spark of darkness. It won't be purged so easily, it is the core of his hurt that I need to heal completely before I reach pure empathy and zero apathy, granting unlimited positivity.

There is no light without darkness. Being completely void of darkness is a task which is impossible. Contained sure, purged, I dunno...

Anything is possible while you're attributed with hope, faith and confidence, with these three swords anything is possible to slash without pierce and effective destruction and creation.


Evidently we are starseeds.

Which one are you? I'm supposedly an Indigo.

I don't know how do I discover that? I was called one many many times on EP.

An Indigo told me to take a test, though it was a crap test it did say I was an Indigo based on personality traits I possess.

Where can I take this assessment?

Google Starseed test or something.

k thanks.

No problem.

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How do I tune out images and sounds I have seen that are bombarding me?

Are you an extrasensory empath Kitty? If not you won't be able to unless you use your "normal gift" of ignorance to become oblivious.

I don't know what I am. I hope you didn't mean in a cruel way...

No sorry I type everything unconsciously without thought....I just mean to ignore. We all have the power of ignorance but don't use it properly.

Oh that is considered a negative word. I guess ignorance is bliss.but only when personally overwhelmed. I wish people would be more aware of the evil in this world. The important part is to stop it. If I could, I'd pull a Carrie on things I see that are causing people or animals to suffer

Yeah I know...this life's a mess but only empaths can fix it...I will find a way someday...

Don't stress my little starseed :D
Yeah i want things to be made right. I cant handle thinking about it all. So I block it out. I didnt know empaths had active powers. If more people took that road, things might be different. A lot of people probably dont believe in this. Dec 21 perhaps something will happen..

And I need to do something about it before it's too late. I can already see why I am evolving so fast...I am growing in power and conceptions and depth of everything including emotions.

Remember its not all in your hands...teamwork right? I dont know why we humans have to be so responsible when this is overlooked by God..

True...But he wants us to prove him right, that we don't need his hand to hold, we have the power. We have the creativity, just look around us...all of this done by our hands. However it went across the circuit board and went insanely wrong, causing the blight we know as society and all other calamity including war and death. We create, we destroy. Simple as that. God wants someone to prove his testament to mankind correct, that we can fix what we broke, we can cure what we afflicted. We can change this world into utopia.

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I din't know you could do this. Wow. It takes a strong person to take on others emotions and be a witness to the hidden aspects of the world.

I know I can also take someone else's emotions...and destroy it or use it for my own benefits like when I'm depressed I can use someone's anger to kill it off...this is incredible.

It certainly is. I wouldn't claim to be an empath because I have flat affect at times and feel apathy. Then the opposite which would be like an empath. Im sure I could grow along the path but can't stand what I receive I now. Just cant..

i completely agree with this statement my friend..."Empathy is also a double-edged sword, a curse and blessing" a fellow empath, i feel like i'm a lightning rod for other's emotions...sometimes i feel like i'm emotionally drained by other's do you separate yourself from someone else's drama?

I will make an update when I figure that out after what I learned this will be a new era for empaths.

thx will provide new training ground for me as an empath...i'm always surprised when friends turn on me for asking innocent questions...its my natural scorpion curiosity teamed with my empath skills that drive me 2 understand...the basic underlying pin is that life is about INTENT...and my intent is never 2 injure...just understand...does that make sense?

Yes you typed that unconsciously. I understand it because I could've typed the same monologue myself without thinking, this is our ability, this is our power, the gift of empathetic visionaries, we are on another tier in the level of emotional seekers and emanates.

glad 2 have u on my side my friend...we are on the same wave length...and i believe we are def soul brothers...thx for being in my life")

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You know how I know are amazing.....:)

*Blushes* :))

I do understand what you're going through and sympathize with the pain it causes you. However in order to master these's helpful for them not to control you. We are our thoughts and your thoughts are...when you break it down to its most simplistic nature...telling you that these emotions are overpowering to you...and so it is that they are. I read quite a lot of books on this subject matter and do believe our emotions and our thoughts make what we perceive our reality to be. Sometimes, because this is such an esoteric subject and thus very subjective...reading scientific discoveries within this field can prove very insightful and in turn, quite helpful. As we speak there is a revolution going on within the scientific community and many new discoveries are taking place in regards to studying our thoughts and our emotions, they have amazing power. Did you know (a while back) the energy field from our brain could be measured? Currently, a new discovery was made and that was testing the energy field of the heart...this field proved even could be picked up one mile away from the person. Real, tangible energy...I thought that was fascinating. The data at the time of collection couldn't measure it any further and many surmised it could be even larger. If nothing else...interesting statistics. Here is an interesting book I read...really REALLY insightful! (I've read it twice)

Here is another one that is also very good too...

Much of this newly discovered knowledge however goes back to ancient beliefs, many spiritual yogis already know this. Milarepa is a good example. I mention this because it can help you to not have those emotions overpower you. There is a reason that they do and you can course correct that so they don't consume your energy. Anyways, as always, I enjoy what you write, thanks for sharing :}

Thank you, gimme a minute to review it all! ^_^

OK I need to make another trip to the library this will be fun! Thanks again for the sentiments and compensations. ^_^

I know I'm a bit wordy...can't help myself sometimes ; }...especially when it's on subject matter I enjoy. You're a very special and sincere person with a good heart... I think understanding your empathetic nature more will help to make you stronger and more at peace with these emotions.

All of this true. Its a blessing and a curse. Im an empath. Kills me sometimes.

Ive never learned to tune it out. I just have to divert my attention elsewhere really fast.

I need to learn how to BLOCK or I could possibly die from another attack.

If you learn that babe...pass on the secret...honestly, its why I stay home a lot. And why I work from home.

I CANNOT blame you omg...handling all of the environment/atmosphere/usually hogwashly apathetically miserable people's emotions and negativity would destroy me....I think that's why I didn't do so well...people's emotions kept crashing into me like bumper-cars. I think we're so used to empathy we haven't learned apathy...we need the dark to fight our light or at least work together with it. Imma do research. I'll message you if I find something.

Ok darlin. Good luck.
***makes you a pot of coffee****


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Wow...................that was heavy!


you lost me dude.i comprehend your words, but the feeling you tried to convey is beyond me.

Lol... :O

Baby, I love that you know how to use your words. Why are you still searching for recognition for what you are? You still not sure of it yourself? You know what you are capable of. There is no shame in it. It is a divine gift. Yet, you seem to be looking for acceptance... My gift is so closely linked with touch and it sometimes takes more time if I don't have that..I wish I could just sit with you quietly ...there is so much can mind must be all over because mine is suddenly

Not recognition I wanted to write this story since FOREVER. :/

Perhaps that was the wrong word. Looking for more like you...

Ah I see... :)