Hello! I'm Stacy.

Well, what a journey life is. I am empathic as well as a number of other things :) I have always been super sensitive. ALWAYS! LOL. I didn't have an awakening in this part of my life, but I did come to realize that I felt differently than most people. In the last year or so, I decided to figure out what I was and how to live a healthier life. So I set out on an amazing journey.

Being an empath has it's ups and downs. I use it to help improve others' lives. That's my purpose in this life, is to help people in anyway that I can. The pitfalls of it, it can be soooo overwhelming at times. Exhausting really. Moments when I wish I was 'normal' (whatever that means). But honestly, I was given this gift for a reason and it isn't going anywhere. Believe me, I've tried to make it magically disappear and failed miserably.

I joined this group in hopes of meeting others like me. That I may learn from you and that I may be able to help you learn from me. Sharing our experiences and knowing we aren't alone, is enough to make it through a day sometimes.

So with that, I wish you peace and wellness.

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I just joined for exactly the same reason. I would like to learn more about this. Realizing that I'm an empath has left me relieved, currious, and anxious to learn more. Looking forward to sharing more.

It is so overwhelming at times & almost impossible to turn off, or at least for me it is..it's nice to hear that you help others with your gift. It's so rewarding to be able to give & show love to others & to use our gifts to encourage others, thx for sharing & you're not alone in your empathic journey :)

I have to believe that people come into our lives for a reason. I met each and every one of them and in some way they shaped my life.

People just tell me to 'turn it off' or 'tune it out'...it doesn't work that way for me lol. they really don't understand how overwhelming it is

For a long time I couldn't figure out why I would go through friends like crazy. Then I realized, that because of who I am, many can't handle or accept me. But for those that I still have, they appreciate the way I am and understand that I have my hard moments, days, weeks, months. And they support me.

I had to accept who I was, and now that I have, I wouldn't give it up for the world. I feel like my destiny for greatness was a purpose bestowed on me for a reason. It wasn't given to me to waste or use for destruction, because that it something I could do, but it was given to me to help change peoples lives. To give them meaning and happiness.

Thank you for the reply. I truly appreciate it.

I have honestly had the exact same problem. Whenever I find a friend I feel like I can trust above the rest, it suddenly collapses, hard and permanently, with them saying "I just can't take you anymore." It hurt so deeply at first, knowing that I was and always would be the problem, but once I found people who truly accepted me for me, like you said, I realized what I have let me into others worlds to let me understand and help.

Thanks for your story! (:

I have to believe that everyone walks I to our lives for a reason. Every single person, every experience has shaped my life I to what it is. And for that, no matter what, I can be grateful.