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I just recently found out that I'm an empath...

Adults, children, BABIES... ANIMALS.... are sooo attracted to me.
I try to stay away from people because I don't like to be around stupidity (some people)
However, they always find a way to me.

I feel most comfortable around nature even though I'm afraid of the sky. (More to that story)
When I'm out... people stare at me.

At first I was PISSED.
Then, I realized that people weren't just staring.... they are fixed on me.
I started to think that something was off about me. Then I started to do research and realized I was an empath

Edit>>> I almost forgot to mention about the most important part! I READ PEOPLE... It's the most awesome annoying thing ever. I feel what other's feel and I am naturally a healer.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I know the magnetic field in my body is very strong because any electronic on or near me for a certain period of time just STOPS. I hear that attracts people as well without them even knowing. hehe..

There's a whole lot more to this story...  I knew I was different for YEARS....  now I have a name to call me... An Empath


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Hey. Lol. I can feel your excitement. :)

So picture bugs to a lightbulb. We are the lightbulb. Children and animals don't have the clouded judgement that adults tend to have. They see so much more.

So you just found this out... Is there anything that you need???

Hi! Well, I don't know.... Funny thing was I knew that I was put here on this earth not for myself... for others, to help guide them. I knew that from when I was a child but the older I got, the weirder it got and then I met a wonderful man who helped me to tap into that side of me... Idk what I may need.. *thinking* lol I will surely let you know if I do... For now, we can talk about different things so I can maybe get a better understanding. I would enjoy that very much =)

Okay :) So why are you afraid of the sky? I'm interested in that! LOL. I have fears as well. When I was young, I was so scared of everything. Especially the dark. Now that I've thought about the reasons why, my house was super ridiculously haunted. I didn't understand it. And it scared the crap out of me. One entity would open up all of the cupboards in our kitchen. Then would close them just loud enough that I could hear it... Freaked me out. Now I understand they just wanted my attention because I was aware of them. Happened a lot no matter where I was. But because of that, I have been able to settle my kids down as they have similar experiences. My son, now rejects the fact of ghosts, he had a particular menacing entity that was unpleasant. My daughter thinks its awesome and talks to them.

So, the sky....

Well, when I was around 10... I almost drowned and as I looked up for help.... All I saw was the blue round of the pool. Can u put two and two together? Lol I laugh at it but when I'm going through a "sky issue" I FREAK THE F*** OUT.... I laugh later but it's so weird... Yeah I get touched and talked to sometimes. I go throw way too many weird things but I often wonder if my Native American roots has anything to do with it..

Well, that certainly explains the sky :) We all have our quirks. LOL.

So, Native American culture.... I'm not sure. But it's something you may want to check out. Whenever I get a gut feeling, I usually try and figure it out and it usually leads to something I was supposed to. If that makes sense. We have intuition for a reason. Sometimes mine yells at me until I figure out what it's telling me. I also think that our intuition, comes from our higher selfs, guides, etc. So, maybe you should listen to it :)

LOL! I guess we do!!

Yes! That happens with me... I get yelled at! I even will catch a headache when I'm trying to ignore it... lol I definitely feel like it's my guide or guides

Once I became open to them, they became persistent, but I figure they know best, so I best follow it. :)

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