If There Are...

If there are 1'868 members saying they are empathic, why isn't there more postings????

I like to read and I like to learn.... So, everyone should post more! :)

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The problem with relationships that people forget is that they are like waves...always changing...It never stays the same..It will never be what it was or what it will be..You just have to be strong and decide if your love is true...then you just wait because just like the tide it will change...you wont always like each other but the love remains...people confuse like and love...You can fall out of like but its harder to fall outta of love..You can learn to like something but have to be forced to love something...If you recognize this and work with it...try and rebuild the friendship and you might see the love never left...Your anger is clouding your judgement..Negativity is absence of Positive ...darkness with no light...Feeling threatened and scared is a negative emotion....you need to confront it with light so remove the threat...if you don't talk about it..he's no longer threatened....no longer scared...he will be able to get closer with no fear of you or that you can invade his privacy(by reading his feelings that he might not want read)..I hope this helps you...Remember ALONE time...QUARTZ, SEA SALT SOAK OR HERBAL BATH and that should help a little...;)

Thank you. This is all so true. So true.

I'm gonna try the bath. I have a lot of quartz.

Well don't get me wrong..my pieces..is Mr emotional and also can be cynical...this is what I do..maybe this will help you...do NOT talk about it with him anymore..let it go..hes not ready to understand ..it's his problem not yours...his anger not yours...recognize it..let it go with love... If you love him and truly love him you can overcome this hurdle because its something you are supposed to overcome...your never given something you can't handle! Your way stronger than you think....but having some quartz around the house to absorb the negativity helps alot! Also try to take some nice relaxing herbal baths to cleanse negativity. I refuse to let others change my belief patterns or happiness with their negativity...love them till it hurts sometimes is literally meant...I swear it was meant for empaths because some of the people we choose to love upon really does hurt...when he's ready he will ask you about it...but don't discuss it with him because you are probably unconsciously scaring him.

Thank you. I feel like I have detached from him so much to protect myself that I'm not sure if I am in love with him. And that scares me. If I do, how do I get it back?
Being an empath is hard sometimes. I just feel that he is so set in his thinking that he won't see me. Because this is me. I feel like I can't be me. Then I get angry. I hate my anger. I don't like how it feels.

When I break it down with someone, like you, who gets it, I feel better. The thought that I scare him is something that hasn't crossed my mind.... I may have to ponder that one. Lol

Thank you. :)

Omg..I'm with a Pieces and he is a moderately developed psychic and that sorta sucks for me cause it complicated things all over the place..He couldn't understand why I can't shut it off because he just turns his on and off at will...He also calls me chameleon and a hustler and a con...I am so sensitive to the point that I din't realize that it's not normal to get sick when you walk in a room with another sick person..LOL..It was only me...I can feel other peoples sadness even when they are adept at hiding it. I am a human lie detector..and strangers feel the need to tell me their deepest secrets....Relationships are hard....alone time is VERY important to me...being with somebody who understands is also important...it takes alot of pressure off but it does at times create unique pressures...lol

He is a cynic. He doesn't believe in anything. He thinks I'm off my rocker and imagined this all. So I am to the point where he just does not understand me. I am very angry around him. I literally feel no anger from myself except when I'm with him.

But, he is very dependent on me. Largely emotionally. So, I feel it. And it makes it difficult. So, I'm giving it it's time to run its course. Until then. I avoid at all costs. :) Which is fine. I'm not looking to run into the arms of any other man, so whatever.

I often wonder what it would be like to be with someone who completely understands me. At least for the most part. Seems like such a foreign thought to me.

Your right...I've been doing that for two days now... seeking others like myself out...because I honestly thought I was just loon...not to mention ...alot of my friends think I at times have identity problems because I unknowingly will take on a persons mannerisms,walk,talk, everything and not know I'm doing it like a chameleon changing colors.

My SO and I have problems in this department. We have been together 11 years. He calls me a chameleon, that is exactly what I was. But I had no idea what he was talking about because I couldn't see it. Plus, I was drawn to people who needed fixing which made that all worse.

But because I am more aware of who I am, I am stronger. I put my foot down. I don't allow him to affect me with HIS emotions. In a way it's hard because I have had to completely block him out. Our relationship is super complicated. It's destined for doom. He's just not ready yet. Relationships are so hard for me.

I'm to the point where I have started over in all parts of my life except for his part. I'm trying to make it work, but he thinks I'm insane most of the time and won't listen. Do you have problems like that as well?

Sorry kbetweens:{ That was sorta a bummer question huh? I embrace the empath...don't get me wrong..I just need to tweek it a little..but I want to know the similarities between other empaths too! I want to ohhh and ahhh ;)

The story behind people is what makes life interesting. This is why I love being me. Pain, sorrow, happiness, love. All of it. It tells the story of a person. Because I feel so much from others, I have a hard time feeling mine. I don't know if that makes sense at all....

But, to hear the stories and the person through another empath, is something different. The 'oh my gosh' moments, 'that happens to me' moments, those are what I search for. The camaraderie of us. The place where we can feel at home, with ourselves, with others.

Well I've been an empath my whole life. I didn't understand it for a long time. I have now embraced it. I was just hoping that people would share their experiences. Similarities, differences. Ooo and aaaahhh over them :)

I would love to learn how NOT to absorb the emotions of people I don't even know because it's very traumatizing and draining...not to to mention I feel like I'm unintentionally invading their privacy...

More posts in general would be nice. :)

Feel free to ask questions..

What would you like to know about being empathetic? It's a state of being. Something you are born with. I have all my life had friends and even strangers open up to me. I sincerely feel others pain. I physically get feelings in my stomach and mentally am able to put myself in the moment with that person. I am not saying I read minds but I certainly have an ability to feel what other may not feel.