I Feel...

It's not much fun being me....I pick up on the sadness of others...the heartache...the tears...and I live with depression somewhat because of it.When people speak to me I find myself answering..."I feel like..."
This started with me at about age 4 when I "tuned in" to feel if I was going to get beaten...day by day. I could "feel" her when she entered the room I was in...and would wait for it all day long in fear. She used to tell me I would never have anything...or anyone...It came true for me....
My profile here will tell my story as time goes on as I have alot to tell you...the readers.
It's not fun to feel the pain of others and my senses seem to reach from Florida...to California. I am told I have an aura that goes for yards. Usually it's only 2 feet in most people.
I can feel when folks lie to me or two face me...ect...and it hurts me badly.
I am very easy on the eyes but I'm here to tell you that good girls really do finish last. I am only looked at by men with sex in mind. They don't see the real me...the me inside this shell. I'm in here!!!
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I feel exactly like you do about guys not seeing you for you, and I take on the pain of others as well. It is a very painful thing to deal with. But good for you for sharing your story!

Wow! That took some serious courage to write. Thank you for sharing that. Honestly, being an empath sucks sometimes. I lived in a violent household during my childhood and into my adulthood. I understand where you are coming from on that. And it's terrible and wrong.

You need to find the strength in you, to forgive them. Not for them, but for you. Let go of that pain. It will haunt you and eat you alive. They have done enough harm, they don't deserve their pleasure of hurting you over and over.

Secondly, you need to learn how to block out the energies you come across. You need to ground yourself. You need to take care of you. I think that, there are a few of us who can teach you how to do this. It is vital to your health and well being.

I wish you lots of love and peace. PM me if you EVER need anything.


I'm so sorry you've had to suffer ....I can feel your sadness as I write this. I agree with Morphisto about the wilderness...seems to quiet my soul so that I can refresh myself to go back into the harsh world. I also attracted men for wrong reasons, I would walk thru a room & KNOW they were staring/fantasizing & it made me nauseous & I'd run as fast as I could....a year ago close friends lost their dear son, he took his life. While at the funeral & then a few mths later at their home I was SO ill emotionally & physically from picking up & absorbing everyone's sorrow that I was in bed for days. I "brought " home with me & could "see" & feel this young mans desperation & instantly understood why he felt the need to leave this earth. I learning to block these harsh emotions by imagining an invisible wall or bubble around myself & not "giving" permission to absorb the emotions. New at this but wanted to tell you I understand, you're not alone! Wish I could give you a hug! Sending many positive thoughts your way!!!

I can hear into the other side in the woods.

you will know the difference in time.

I hate how other peoples anger and sadness just leeches onto empaths, I hardly know if what im feeling is actually my own emotions half the time!