I just recently found out that what I am is an Empathy. I unknowingly have always taken on the pain, anger, and sadness of others. It is hard forms to be in large groups for very long. Also people and animals always seem to be more attracted to me and I have had many people unload their feelings on me when they haven't shared these feelings with other people. But I have also found that it is very easy for me to experience the emotions of criminals and it has been a very complicated thing for me to deal with for years.
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These are bot great responses, thank you! And I am quite young but I have always felt much older than I am which has always been a struggle, but I will take into account the snakes in other people, that is important.

It is all about protecting ourselves. We can give so much of ourselves and then we become unhealthy. Start paying attention to the emotions under the emotions. When I was practiced in reading people, I would pick up on what they wanted me to pick up. I go deeper now. It's amazing what can be uncovered, both good, and not so good. But, you need to keep yourself well and it's not selfish to do this :) I think its great that you are realizing this now. It will save yourself a lot of pain, hopefully.

Thank you for the advice :) I really appreciate it!

Perhaps you should try building yourself up and concentrating on other aspects of your whole self. Eventually you will learn when this gift is best used and when to ignore it, so it doesn't over power you and become a burden

You are very young. I got myself into situations with very disturbed people when I was young. I misused compassion, and was not wise about my power.

I over estimated my power, and underestimated my vulnerability. Take care of you first. It isn't selfish. You can not help others unless you are healthy.

I just wanted to add: I tend to see the beauty in others. This is not a bad thing, but my lesson has been to also acknowledge the snakes. I believe in the potentials of human beings, but can some times have ignored very dangerous aspects of people . Now , I never ignore a hiss when I hear one. I can still turn up my love towards them and at the same time be prepared. It isn't rejecting to be aware and consciously cognizant of the nuisances of others.

I am like you. I would only see the good in people, and then I would get bitten. The more I pay attention, and the longer I have been aware of my ability of empathy, the snakes set off my radar like crazy. To the point I would rather run the other direction. I can feel the difference between someone who has walls up with a hard exterior and someone who is genuinely snaky, for lack of a better term. I was burned a lot when I was younger. My parents and SO would always say I pick the wrong people. The worst of the worst. They could all see it, but I was blind. I would take on some of their traits until finally, it blew up. I am happy now with the few good people I surround myself with. Lessons learned. If I wouldn't have learned them, I wouldn't be where I am now. :)

I too have learned from painful lessons. I don't mean to go around afraid of people. That is no way to live. I tend to enjoy personalities others find dangerous or strange. I find they tend to be more honest.
The problem I have experienced in the past and know I am always vulnerable to it is not believing it when someone shows me who they are.

We all have shadow sides, me included. Some of us aren't integrated. My ego tends to want to place on people the light I see, and I am not honest about the other aspects I perceive because I feel to be a positive being.

There is a story about a snake and a turtle. The snake wanted a ride on the turtle back. The turtle, a little wary says, " But, you will bite me."

"No, I promise not to. "

The turtle gives him a lift over, being the kind helpful creature he is. At the other end of the river, the snake bites the turtle.
" Why did you do that! You promised!"

The snake said, " You knew I was a snake!"
That story helped me figure it out.
I guess the warning is not to fear others, just to trust and acknowledge what you are perceiving, even the uncomfortable parts, of ourselves, and others.

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Me too. I was also thinking about how difficult it is when you feel someone' s shadow- side, and I begin to feel pity evoked in me. Compassion is needed to overcome this. I have developed the ability to shake their energy off.

Insecure people with power are the most trapped by their shadow side. It isn't easy to look at.

That is a good idea to really use compassion, I will start to practice this. It has become too intense in some circumstances and sometimes miserable but having compassion does seem to turn it around.