I have always been afraid to admit to my talents, because they can be quite frightening. I seem to have a special affinity with feeling the emotions of criminals as well as their thoughts and in certain circumstances I have randomly had visions that were specific to certain criminals. I have been experiencing this for many years but was afraid to talk about it because I felt that something was wrong with me, but now I am learning to take on the criminal's pain or harmful emotions and let them go for them, even if they are no longer alive. I have also been trying to do this with random people who I come across and feel strong emotions from. If I don't let the emotions go for them it is emotionally, mentally, and physically painful for me, but I hope that I am somehow helping these people by releasing them of their pain. I think that all of us Empath's were meant to release the pain of the world and even though it is a difficult task and talent, we can all make a difference.
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You sound like an amazing person, by the way! I hope you don't mind me replying to more than one of your stories :). Your talents aren't something to be ashamed of, they're very beautiful traits to possess!

I don't mind at all :) Thank you very much! It is wonderful to have someone who is so supportive.