I never realized but in a way I guess I did...I thought the reason I started having panic attacks from being overwhelmed with feelings was just panic attacks and I was living in Asia modeling at the time and just thought I was losing my mind from being stared at all the time. I got married to a DJ and never left our apartment because of the influx of feelings I got every day. it's worse with animals...I went to Thailand and couldn't handle it because I felt the animals' pain so much. I saw dead dogs in garbage cans and felt what they felt before they died. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm hoping I'm in a safe zone here. I am dreading leaving my place here in Chicago because it's overwhelming and all of my family are on anti-depressants but I don't know if that's my problem (they are all different levels of bipolar....or so the doctor says) but I have always felt so extremely close to everyone I meet, I can feel them...am I crazy? I know that I'm not but are there other people here who can validate this for me?
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You are in a safe place. Don't look for validation from the outside, you have done that long enough. Search inside yourself and discover who you are. This is the only true way you will find happiness.

Which would be a more valuable use of your efforts -- a search for validation -- or a determined drive toward happiness? It is totally possible to learn to live a joyful life free of useless anxieties. It is.