Just Realized I Am An Empath!

I have always been overly sensitive, and always been intuitive. This past year, I felt like it was all on overdrive forcing me to realize what it is. In the past I have suffered from body aches, pains, odd medical conditions which were are ruled out by doctors as being in my head. I realized I couldn't handle being in large crowds. I could look across the room and know what a stranger was feeling. Unfortunately, I pick up on peoples suffering, loneliness, and worries more than anyone's happiness. I usually know what people are going to say before the say it. I have a tendency to finish other people's thoughts. I can pretty much relate to anyone's pain. I see the souls of animals through their eyes. I know when someone is lying or deceitful. I need a lot of alone time to regroup. I require more sleep the average person.

Now that I discovered that there was a such thing as an empath, which I saw the word on a psychic TV show and then looked it up. I started reading books. Already I feel so much better because I now know it's not just me. I am working to learn to be a skilled empath. I hope to meet people on here who I can bond with. It’s a lonely feeling being an empath and it's not something I can just share with my friends just yet. As an empath you know what they’re thinking when you tell them, so you know they think you’re nuts. 

Looking forward to meeting people. Thanks for reading..
Azurah Azurah
36-40, F
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I am sure that could wear you out emotionally and physically,,,and not be in a good condition to help yourself

Thank you for the responses.
@littleonejade - great advice, something I wish I knew many years ago, because I always thought it was me and couldn't understand why I would feel certain emotions. Just knowing that it's not always me is a huge relief. Thank you.
@fairiewings - thank you for the sweet welcome. I would love to chat more.
@ nelladell - I am working to be a skilled empath so that this gift of being an empath is used wisely and correctly. From what I have read, I don't need to be absorbing everything I encounter. I need to first work to control that. The emotional roller coaster ride I take daily is too draining. As long I have no control, I can't be productive. It would be great if I could learn to help people, but first I need to learn more about what I am experiencing and how to control (not sure if that's the right word) but how to use this to it's highest good. So for now, I am taking baby steps by reading up, and joining this group. Thank you for the question.

first step is to ask yourself who you are feeling, it will releive the intensity of the feeling pushing in

Hi Azurah, I too recently discovered I was an Empath. Have been this way since I was a child & told many times I'm too sensitive, how do I know what they're thinking/feeling, that kinda thing.. Guess it' hard for others to "get it"...Like you I don't like large crowds, can "see" what people are thinking & more often than not pick up the suffering, loneliness & sad feelings of people before they say a word. It is difficult when we truly do know what others are feeling/thinking, especially when it's not in our favor! Also pick up emotions of animals & am a huge fan of nature/animal/anything living. Welcome to the craziness :) we have a painful but beautiful gift & I'm just starting to learn about it & how to deal with it. Just wanted you to know you're not alone & are in good company !

The reason you are working to be skilled at empathy -- is it because you are hoping to be able to have a part in relieving folks' distress?

I wish you peace.