Intellectual/emotional Empath. "truth Sayers"

I'd love to talk with other emotional and/or intellectual empaths... I have recently discovered that I am an empath although I've been entertaining this idea for a while now. I managed too get over the anxiety and uncomfortable (curse) effects of the "ability" but only because I was researching personal growth and self awareness long before I crossed paths with the empath concept. I'm super interested in other empath's abilities And I would love to compare, share and most importantly LEARN about myself, us and you :)
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I too am an empath, still discovering what kind

Well, I know that I'm an empath but lately I've been showing signs of something kind of like a PreCog, though I don't know enough to say so for certain... I just posted a story about it actually :)

some empaths are telepaths as well....are you?

Yes. I am both. And my suggestion for all of you, is learn yourself and figure out how you tick. It will make you a much healthier individual and will aid in helping yourself and others. If you are sick, how can we help others. Take care of yourselves first, others second :)

Do you know if it is common to be an Empath but also have something else, like telepathy or precog?

i do not know what kind of empath I am, how would you know such a thing? I am extremely sensitive to other feelings and energy. I think I know certain things before they are "known". I have longed to go "home" where ever that may be. I can change the energy of others by pushing a thought of particular energy to them. I can help soothe them quiet often, and quiet quickly as well.