Empath Needing Help

I need help in balancing my self out...

My talents are just very strong and it really gets to me.
I feel very uncomfy around people and I don't look at them in the eyes.

I love people though. The majority of people are just UGH and I can't be around it for a certain period of time.

I can't watch the news

Certain people look at me and the vibes I feel (if it isn't good) my face automatically scrunches up in disgust... The knowing part of being an empath

It's interesting and I'm verrrrry misunderstood by many.

How do I find some sort of balance that I can live comfortably in?
How do I control my reactions physically from what I feel spiritually and emotionally?

*sigh* It's tough being me....

Blacksheep4 Blacksheep4
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Read a book called the four agreement's! It will really help u out!

Hi, thx for sharing your story! Being an Empath is very very emotionally & physically draining. Recently discovered that I'm an Empath also....some others on this site have suggested some things that have helped me at least a little in learning to control this gift & maybe they will help you also! Spending alone time seems to help, taking a walk with nature around & concentrating on only the beauty around you & breathing in deeply the positive energy & fresh air around you seems to calm my energy. Also was suggested to imagine a bubble around you so that negative people or energy is deflected & not absorbed, this actually helps me in large crowds. I also love people & find it hard to control my expressions & hv now started to take in deep, calming breaths to relax my facial muscles & that helps with my reactions. You're not alone, we are an entire community! ! Hang in there & hope some of these things encourage & help you ;)

Thanks! I'm definitely going to try breathing in deeply the positive energy. I usually do but I haven't done that while in crowds. Being an empath is very overwhelming... When I'm around nature.. OMG I feel SOOOOOOO greaaaaat! No fear, no shame, no negative energy... I need a forrest in my house lol I have plants.... I need more. Thanks for responding dear! =)