I'm an empath. I just recently figured it out.

I can feel other people's feelings and I get short sentences sent to me when I'm around certain people that tell me exactly what they are feeling/thinking.

This mostly happens with men I'm dating, but I can sense everyone's feeling that I'm around.

All of the guys I've had major crushes on lately are narcissists. I have a theory that I'm attracted to them as much as they are attracted to me... like a magnet... I think they must resonate on a very low frequency that empaths pick up on... because they don't have as many emotions/feelings, which makes it easier for me to be around them... but then they start to devalue me and I get emotionally scarred and have to get away from them.

Do any of you empaths find this happening to you too? Any theories/ideas why?
empath37 empath37
Dec 15, 2012