19 And Confused As Hell ..

I'm starting to think I might be an empath. My 'aunt' has told me that she thinks I'm 'sensitive'. Only to other's feelings and emotions. She's been very supportive and acceptive to what I can possibly be capable of. I'm actually still very skeptical towards the whole idea. I need proof. These tests online say I'm 'above average' in being an empath, but I don't trust the tests. I really would rather meet with someone in person and maybe find a mentor? I mean is that selfish that I'm searching for that? If I am an empath I want to be able to control what I'm feeling so I don't get too overwhelmed or fall back into a depression. I just don't know what to do with myself and am still trying to figure out who I want to be in life so I want to figure this out and deal with what ever is going on in my head.
Either I'm just an extremely sensitive person or I legitimately have the ability to feel other's emotions.
I don't know what it is, but I just need to hear from someone who knows their abilities well and is in control and can teach me to be in control.
I don't want to learn how to manipulate other's emotions, but if it's possible I'd want to use it for good.
I also what to know what happens with most empaths in relationships.
How does it affect everyone?
I hope many read this and can help answer my questions.
Thank you!
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It's not at all selfish to want help in reaching your potential. Or to want proof.

It's true that "When the student is ready the teacher comes." An important step in being ready for your mentor is having a clear mental picture of your goal, and I understand your frustration at not yet having that goal. I laugh at my early blind tries at figuring it out. Finally, a book came into my hands which I felt guided to use, and it worked very well in helping me to learn where I, personally, should aim. It's THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill. (I call it a recipe book. But it isn't something you read and remark on how good that looks or how much fun this would be. You follow instructions and feast on the results.)

On empathy and relationships: Empathic experiences are different for each, so I can only answer for myself. You know that one of the more difficult things about a relationship is being sure of a partner's feelings. Empathy showed me my Hubby's feelings, so that hurdle was erased for me. But, again, everybody is different and no two people are ready for the exact same lessons, and I've found lessons to be like mentors, in that they come when one is ready.

Aim high. You are far better than you so far suspect.

PS. Meditation really helps one to find their center, find that place inside of you that is always you and always at peace, no matter what is going on around you. I practice Falun Dafa and it's always free. www.falundafa.org
Best wishes to you sweetie.

being unable to be able to distinguish between your own feelings and those of others isn't a gift or a special ability, having benevolent compassion towards all human beings is. Don't lose your self in others, but love others unconditional. I have struggled and managed to get beyond empathy. You will be unable to help others if you allow them to drag you in to their negative state of mind with them.