I Understand Them

Everything people do around me, I understand their feelings and reasoning. I feel their feelings and think their thoughts. Sometimes it becomes hard to know what they really truly think of me because I'm so focused on how they think of themselves or others. Its kind of weird that I'm sensitive to how everyone else feels about everything else but I have a hard time telling what they think of me.

I cringe sometimes when people are having conversations because I can feel the tension and even when other people can't feel it I can feel the other persons discomfort in their conversation.

For example my husband was talking to someone about choosing careers and my husband couldn't see it but I knew what the guy was feeling and had to change the topic because I was feeling the pressure of their discomfort.

I'm super sensitive to embarrassment because I can see feelings in other people that my friends or family can't. My friends embarrass me because they create reactions in other people that I feel the full weight of. I try to separate myself from it but I can't, it becomes easier to hang out by myself with my husband or somewhere not public with friends.

Its a curse and a blessing though. I've been able to use my ability to feel and think the same as others to relate and help them. the only time I'm not able to feel the exact things other people feel are when they are confused, though I feel the confusion I don't feel the same swirling of emotions because they are too deep into their thoughts to relate.

And one other place I can't feel it is when I'm in a crowd of people and their moving about or changing positions or places. Or when I'm in a crowd and completely focused on something different, like a conversation or idea or music.

I've just discovered the name for these feelings as empathy or being an empath. Its actually a relief to know what I'm dealing with.
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1 Response Dec 19, 2012

Welcome!!! You have found a place that you can be yourself and talk about this. It's therapy for empaths in a way. :)