Education: Grounding And Shielding

Hello fellow empaths. Well, I am noticing a commonality amongst us lately. People seem to be very overwhelmed by incoming energies to the point of illness. We do not have to live like this. We can't survive like this.

Because we are who we are and are bombarded with incoming information all the time, a gift and a curse, we need to protect ourselves from this. It's important that we stay healthy. We need to eat right, sleep right, work right... Everything must be in place for us to live healthy happy lives.

But, what I have found, is some of us do not know how to ground and shield. This is as important as eating and sleeping. We must do it as we do not want internal combustion...

So! I wanted to put a post out here to tell others how I do this. This is not the only way, but this method was taught to me and I use it multiple times a day. It keeps me healthy, protected and sane... well most of the time :) So here are the steps on what I do. It's easy.

1. Plant your feet on the ground. Make sure you are comfortable and not wobbly. Get your balance. (You can do this sitting as well, just make sure your feet are on the ground or floor. You can pull energy through things as well (i.e. wood, carpet such as your living room floor))

2. Close those pretty little eyes. Feel the ground under your feet. Notice what they feel like. Move up your body and just notice how it feels. Do you hurt anywhere? Are you tense? Relaxed? Listen to your surroundings. (This gets you out of your head, plus connecting with your surroundings is important).

3. Inhale. As you inhale pull energy from the earth below you. Feel it move up your feet, into your legs. Breathe as deeply as you can. Then exhale all the negativity and anxiety out of from you. Push it out. Continue to do this for 5 breaths. Each time bringing that energy to every body part. I like to go from my feet, legs, pelvis, chest, arms, head, down my back, and to my feet again. I concentrate that every part of me has the earths energy flowing through me.

4. Breaths 5-10. As you are pushing the negativity and anxiety out of you, you should notice it lessening. This is generally around breath 5 for me, it will vary with each of us (but this is how I do it). The clean earthly energy I am exhaling is now going to work for me on the outside. I picture a bubble of light (my aura) around me. As I inhale I bring more energy from the ground, and as I exhale I picture in my head, this bubble becoming strong and safe. I picture myself smoothing and refining it, feeling for any weak spots in it.

5. At breath 10, I bring it in close to me, contouring my body. A suit of armor, I like to call it. :)

6. Open your eyes. You should feel calmer and protected. Caution.... If you are not used to doing deep breathing exercises, it can make you light headed as there is increased amounts of oxygen. This is very helpful with those who have anxiety (I do). Deep breathing increases oxygen and decreases carbon dioxide in our body. It decreases are our heart rate and blood pressure, calms the mind and is a natural anti-anxiety measure.

Well, there you have it. As I said, this works for me. I don't like to feel anxiety and panic from those like us, well anyone really, but in this particular case, us. I want to help where I can. If anyone else would like to post tricks they have learned, please feel free. This is an educational post. If anyone would like help, ask away. :)

Peace and well wishes everyone.
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Thank you <3

Thank you! I find being outside in grass or damp earth helps. I am still working on shielding. I tend to use it only when I feel at risk. I allow others energy in but release it. I am merely a vessel.

I am really starting to realize that I am really and truly an empath..I have always sort of grouped it with being psychic but I dont think I am.. I have felt too many things that have come for me not to be an empath. But it is exhausting too. I remember one time I was a freshman in college and I was off campus and still innocent to put it delicately and I slept at this guys house. I woke up screaming at 2 am in the morning I ..just remember my father coming up the stairs as he was angry that I was a this guys house...I was dreaming ..and when I got back to campus a campus officer caught me as I was about to read the note on my dormatory door. He said to me Call you mother asap. Olny to find that my uncle was shot in the head at exactly 2am in the morning. I remember one time feeling very sad for a good two weeks. I did not know why...but finally I called my mother and she told me to speak with my grandmother and she would know what to tell me. So I told her I felt like I was going to die. She said no baby that is someone in our family that is older that you are feeling that about. She said I hope that it is not me... So two days later my Uncle dropped dead shoveling snow. .please email me at if yu can help me. Thank you in advance

I want help to block peoples negative comments and attitudes and it hurts my feelings when I know what they really think of me. I have felt death a couple of times and people have passed away etc. If someone says something about me I feel like I become what they are saying about me.."even though I know it not to be true." I want help with blocking and shield ect. but I am scared that I would be doing something that is evil or sacriligious. I love God ...and I know he loves me and that he would not have made me this way ...if it was bad... but I would love to know christians that deal with this as well. It is getting stronger and stronger as I get early.

I am not delusional. I have social anxiety but I am not "crazy" Everything that people have said about me or have done to me has always come to light as truth.

I find that whe I need to ground myself, and center myself, I need to go outside on our property, anywhere will do ( I prefer a private place) and a tree that has a thick trunk. I place my feet flat on the ground up as close to the sides of the tree as I can, feet spread about shoulder width apart. Then, I get my body as closely pressed up to the tree as I can press it, and wrap my arms around it, and then interlace my fingers for this tree hug! I turn my face to the right side and press it against the tree. I pray to God, through Jesus, to "take all that ails me mind, body, and spirit, of me, and absorbed from other people, places, institutions, and things, so that I may better do thy will. Please deliver all that binds and burdens me emotionally, out of me, and in and up through YOUR LIVING tree. Ground me, like the roots I am standing on, and protect me in my journeys as I seek to do your will in healing today." So, yes, I am an admitted tree hugger, and I have told other empaths of this technique I use. I even share my tree. Any other tree huggers out there?

Hey sound like good suggestions, as I am too a Christian and can be afraid about what things to do to help myself to stay grounded. Thanks for a natural way of grounding. If you have anymore that help PLEASE let me know

Thank you fro writing this, this is very helpful for me and probably many others.

Thank you. Let me know if you need anything clarified or whatever.

I learned how to shield, but I hate the feeling of being disconnected. I almost feel as though it is selfish to cut myself off when I know I have the ability to feel and heal. I only ever shield myself when I myself am in an emotional state where I cannot stand to feel anything else. Other than that, I am always open. It hurts. Very much so. But I cannot allow myself to be cut off.

I've heard of this before. My shield is natural as well. I can actually project my shield around others close to me. But only when I feel spiritual danger. I had completely forgotten about grounding untill I read this. The only thing I want to learn more about is "turning it off" completely because it basically blocks me from the spiritual world. Thank you so much for posting this && reminding me about grounding!

Perhaps I'm lucky, but I think my body naturally shields itself. In the past as a kid, I had a difficult time dealing with my abilities which I didn't understand at the time. I felt angry or sad for no reason at all and I was teased for being emotional. I think there was a point where my body started to shield itself on its own just to cope. Even today I'm not as strongly as affected as I once was, except strong emotions still hit me like a ton of bricks. I also can release energy very easily; I cant stay angry or sad for more than an hour. Hearing the problems others have with their empathic abilities, I wish that I could say how I do it... at least there are those like you that can help them.

That's wonderful.talents in different places. :)

The natural shielding is nice, but is there a way to direct my abilites, so i can sense energy from specific people without absorbing from everyone nearby? I ask because perhaps i could use my abilites to help others, but i can't bring down my shield without draining myself. Not too long ago, i tried to see if i could even bring down the shield, so i imagined it as a light surrounding me and thought of it fading a bit. I was perfectly awake and energized, but within 10 minutes of bringing it down, i was completely drained where i didn't even want to stand anymore. I brought it back up immediately but it took a couple of days to balance out where i drained more quickly and became emotional rather easily. It'd be nice to learn how to use my ability without killing myself in the process.

Kbetweens, Thank You so much. Ive been trying to sheild myself for a while and it helps to know im on the right track on how to go about it.

You're so welcome. :) everyone has their own way of doing it. But this is how I do it and it works for me. PM me if you need anything at all. I'll help where I can.

Wonderful! I'm glad this helped you. :) feel free to share anything more you have to add. After all, we aren't alone in this!

Thank you so so much. I knew there was a way to deal with this better. I have been getting lost in people and retreating to repair myself. I am grateful there are others spreading light, which helps people like me. Thank you. xoxo.

Hi Stacy, Thank you SO MUCH for your advice :) looking forward to trying this & have tried the breathing which has already helped ! Have been one who quite often has been physically ill due to absorbing emotions, etc. from others very very often to the point of not functioning at times. I appreciate you very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You are so welcome! :) I know how hard it is to be like us. Why not spread my experience of making it easier! I want you functioning and well. And I appreciate you as well.

@kvothe11: as you practice your experience will increase. You are taking steps to better yourself. :) it's wonderful! Be proud of yourself.

Ahhh I've actually read this somewhere before! Oh nice! I know what to do =)

I ground myself, if I'm particularly stressed or freaked, I take my shoes off and earth myself. I sometimes place my hands on the earth as well or lie on it. I find it balances me and makes me calmer. I suppose scientifically it makes sense, we are electrical dynamos and if we don't discharge or receive energy and complete the circuit, it makes us sick. As far as protection goes I'll try it, it hasn't protected me thus far! :)

This is great! What I usually read confuses me to no end. Thank you!

Thank you.