Not Sure How It Helps To Give It A Name But Yeah, I'm An Empath.

Yes, I have looked around the web and I seem to be an empath and yes it seems to make me quite introverted around certain people, people who (I sense) wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about if I were to try and explain my position in a crowded setting. The funny thing is, I know why; they too have the ability to sense the general tone or perhaps the beliefs of people around them. They aren't conscious of it but are nevertheless affected by it, which in turn influences the way they act in a social setting (They become apart of this small scale social organism, perhaps fighting for its own preservation). With that said, I have been able to connect with many people in one on one interactions. Anyone else sense this?
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A Practising Christian can be said to be one of the greatest when it comes to being Empathetic; a practising Christian would not boast about his awarness, he would be the most passive and he would have no need to defend his stance. But, then again, this would involve the dark debate about Christianity and all the ugliness which it involves in these modern times. But ... It can never be taken away that a Practicing Christian holds more than the basics of Empathics; whilst, at the same time, no one is perfect and the Empathist can be equally as passive as he /she can be aggressive.


I'm not sure if I am one, but I have most of the characteristics. I am an introvert, I feel uncomfortable among most people, I love being alone, reading, writing short stories or poetries. But I am highly sensitive of people around me, most of the time I go unnoticed by them cz I am always silent and only speak when I am spoken to. But I know their slightest change of behaviour, if they are in some soft of trouble, or if they are 3 weeks pregnant. Sometimes when something is missing for months at home, like the TV remote control, I just close my eyes, visualise it in my head, and BAM! I just walk to the oversized couch, lift the cushion and there it is!! I mean I don't understand it myself but it is great. And funnily that's not just the first time it had happened. I help my parents locate many other things.

Yeah, I'd say you're an empath, though I personally can't say that I can use my perception to find lost objects.

I always felt that it is a good thing though at times really feel pressured by other people's problems.

Often times the controller is right under the cushion, but maybe you have a special gift! who knows.

Ya probably LOL... funny part is my family was turning the living room upside down looking for it. They probably missed that spot!


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I can sense what people are thinking, I get certain feelings from plants and animals, I know when people are pregnant before they even know. I'm extremely good argument fixing cause I know what they are both trying to say.

I think I'm an empath.

I actually think anyone has the potential to be an empath, it just takes a certain kind of honesty with ones self to become one.

Yeah me too. oh yeah you didn't answer me. please marry me. lol

Oh, ok yeah sure :)

Ok thanks. lol. I love you baby. :DDD

You're funny!

HOW DID YOU KNOW!? It must be your empathic powers.... O.O ;)

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