I'm Not Sure If These Experiences Are Just Empathetic?

I’m not sure if these experiences are just empathetic?
Looking back at my past I've somewhat noticed some things about my attitude and emotions towards others. I’m not all too sure if it is overactive or uncontrolled empathetic abilities but I’m not all too sure about it because I have no idea what it is.
A friend of mine that I met around January of 2012 is kind of readable to me I've only known her for this year and we’re really close. The thing about her is that we both share similar interest on certain levels, but one thing for sure is that I think I’m feeling her aura or emotions or something of that nature. But now it’s like every time I’m around her I’m always in a state of being annoyed. Maybe I’m over thinking it but that’s just one thing.
This happens quite often for me, there are a few days out of each month that I’ll be angry for no reason at all. This will last for the entire day, days, or even a week at a time and it’s weird because as I go on there are things that will add on to that anger which normally wouldn't make me mad. Around November of 2012 I had one of those days were I was angry for no reason and it lasted for the entire day. As the day went on there was a point when I was walking back to the dorm area with a friend of mine and as we walked back there was a girl in a SUV and as I was talking to my friend I didn't hear the girl nor did I see her so when she said hi to him I didn't notice it but when she said hi to me I just had an outburst which normally doesn't happen. After that outburst I noticed all that anger I had inside of me was gone and I felt way better then what I was.
Any time I go to a hospital it’s mainly been to visit someone but I've always noticed that I keep on getting nauseated and weak in the knees. What bizarre is that I’m not even looking at all the other people in the hospital I think I’m just feeling some type of energy from their aura’s or something about them. What even more crazy is that I think I felt something from my sister last night this was on 12/28/2012. It was weird because I know she had been feeling pain from a tooth of hers, she took some type of medicine went to sleep and a little after she woke up I felt some weird pain in my stomach and I was nowhere near hungry at that moment and neither was she. The next morning I found out that her stomach was hurting because of the medicine that she took and another thing about that is that I was feeling okay before that even happened.
From the things that I've looked up I think this is over active empathy or something of that nature but I’m still unsure about psychical empathy.
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Okay. So, a suggestion to you. Note the days that you are extra edgy. I have this too and mine come with full moons. Two, you need to learn control over your empathy. I ground and shield. This is helpful to ground yourself to the earth and regain some energy. Shielding will help you block energy and help to decipher if these feelings or yours or others.

Now, what struck my fancy is about the hospital. I work in healthcare.... I'm wondering if you are possibly a healer. I discovered that I was through working I'm healthcare.... Maybe you should try and figure out if you are a natural healer.... Just a suggestion. Let me know if you want to discuss this more. Just PM me if you wish.

I've had some time to think about these experiences plus i'm kinda sure what my normal emotions are but hard to decipher, because I feel it constantly and I thought it was my own emotions in the past.
Other then that I haven't looked to much into empath healers kinda read about them, but I though that was psychical empathy though?