I'm An Empath....what Now?

I've recently discovered I'm an empath. I am sceptical about the whole thing, but I am pushing myself to explore further in hope of some sort after solace.
I haven't even told anyone, it feels a bit silly to me at the moment and I feel my family wouldn't understand me.

Although it feels good to find an answer that explains so many things about my life, I don't know where to go from here. Where do I start?

I need to be able to shut it off because it is starting to really effect my life. I know I should probably feel special and appreciate it but it feels like a heavy burden to me right now.

I almost sent myself broke going to a therapist to sort out my head when now I realise the emotions I poured out every sitting weren't even my own.

My fiancé suffers depression, other empaths can hopefully understand how dark days can get in my house. I need to switch it off somehow.
I've researched other empath's techniques to turning it off but can't seem to grasp it. I know it's bad but drinking alcohol seems to be the only down time I can ever get.

I avoid going anywhere that attracts large crowds as it can be too overwhelming for me.

I'm so tired of having to sort through so many foreign emotions just to get to my own.

Does any one else experience the following?

I can drive past a house or a place I have never been before and instantly get this sense of familiarlaruty. With houses some times I get an image pop into my head of what inside looks like and sense the feeling of the home. Sometimes I even get this whole life of someone else, as simple as there day to day living how they felt or what type of life they live or lived rush through my mind it's really hard to explain.

Seconds into meeting someone I get flooded with feelings and can sometimes get enough to even know their life story. Unfortunately people carry the worst around with them from their past so it's not always good.

My friends have always commend me on helping them and say i'm a great counsellor. I always know what to say to make people feel better. I have no idea where it comes from, it's like I can feel what they do and know what to say to stop them feeling that way.

I can easily sense the way an animal is feeling which has always been confusing for me. I sense loneliness a lot with dogs. I feel I know how my cat is feeling a lot of the time as well.

I know I'm weird lol have always felt different and although crowded with so many feelings and even wonderful people around me yet I have always felt alone.

Would love any kind of response, advice or if anyone can relate.


Bella809 Bella809
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2013

I know what your going through as well I have empathic abilities as well and I know it sucks especially when you go through your life not knowing what your real emotions are and even to the point to where it effects who you are. From what advice I've been given the things I can tell you about is to start meditating it's supposed to help channel your energy or something like that. Along with that there is this thing called grounding and shielding and it's supposed to block out negative energy by making a barrier and it's also supposed to help you feel the energy of the earth. I don't know all to much about this but it's supposed to help and another thing is using crystals to help do something with the energy around you and your own.