I Think I Am An Empath...

All my life people have told me that I am way to sensitive. I really feel other peoples emotions. I cry very easily when watching movies and television. I have never really been able to watch the news as I find that I don't feel good afterwards. It is hard to hear about killings and such. I can be around a group of people and suddenly feel that there is something about someone that just doesn't feel right. Over the years I have had panic attacts and suffered from anxiety.

I have been feeling very drained lately and feel like I need a break. But I feel like I can't get a break because my unemployed husband is home all the time and he doesn't give me much space. As I'm typing this he is sitting on the couch playing with his ipad. He is an energy vampire. It is almost as if he has a black cloud surrounding him. It is difficult and exhausting being around him. Even when he tries to be nice I feel like he just pulls all of my happiness out of mean. I feel totally drained. I feel like I need some space and he wont give it to me. I am grateful for my job because I feel like I get a break. But when it is my day off it is really hard to feel relaxed.

I just recently learned about the term Empath and it explains a lot to me about how I feel. Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can ground myself so I don't constantly feel stressed at home? I mean I seriously feel like I am suffocating. And I don't really have any place to go other then shopping or walking around the mall. When I'm home (around him) I am really miserable.

I am leaving him in July when our lease is up. But in the mean time I need some breathing space, which he doesn't respect my space. It is like he is a 5 year old. He follows me around the house from room to room. When I'm on the phone in the bedroom, he decides he needs to be in there sorting laundry. When i move to the living room, then he needs to watch tv. It is frustrating as hell.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I feel ya on the movie thing. My wife and I are the same way I always tell her that I have something on my contact lenses. :) I think she's on to it though. As for the other thing have you tried just going out for a walk? I love going for walks out in nature, so peaceful!

Thank you Fernwolf. I'm heading to work but will visit this site the second I get home tonight. Thank you so much.

Good luck (: I hope you can find your peace.