How I Know

When i relized i was an empath i was trying to reject my gift but how could i if my dreams were becoming reality and the emotions of others got stronger i have to learn to control my gift but its hard seeming how no one belivess me so im on myy own controling it which is hard seeming how the environment im in ther thousands of teens who are goiing through all emotions possible
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I know what you mean, at first I thought it was just normal teenage emotions that everyone goes through. I just recently discovered that I am and have the abilities of an empath which oddly enough explains the random emotions I start getting when I'm in a certain setting. At the moment I plan on keeping this gift from just about everyone at least on till I get a handle on it. There is a member here that has a story in this group that is meant to help empaths, the thing that you'll need to learn to do is ground and shield it's supposed to help block out all other emotions around you by channeling your energy or the energy around you. I just started doing it and i'm no pro at it that's for sure, but practice makes perfect. Other then that I wish you the best of luck on trying to gain control of your empathic power, if you need someone to talk to just let me know, it's always good to have a friend nearby.