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being an empath is hard. it isn't chosen, it's given and you can't return it. I'll assume that like with everything, there are ups and downs, however i've been in the longest "down time" (as i call it) that i've ever experienced. Is it me or is the world, over all, feeling less happy? I've tried the meditation exercises and i have some degree of control over it but for the most part it just runs wild, regardless of how i'm feeling. I wonder if it has anything to do with how I look at it... I view my self as two beings. the empath and the human being. i want more control.

I have helped people with my "gift". I've even been able to use it to my advantage. but something tells me that there's more to it than just being able to feel as others feel (analyze and interpret) and help them. Helping others implies that empathy as an energy can move outside the self. if this is true than what else is it capable of? I wonder if we can control the emotions we feel. manipulate them. and if we can manipulate them, what does that mean for everyone else? it's scary when you think about it. we become the apex predator of our food chain... so to speak...

I believe pathokenesis is possible for empaths. an untapped aspect of our gift.

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This is a super power... Control it and you will find your key to happiness and existence. :) find a mentor to help guide you. It will be an amazing journey if you wish to take it. :)

After discovering that I was an empath and I had that ability all my life I had to question some things and now that I'm starting to get a understanding of what I've been doing in the past and how I've helped people a lot then I thought I did I'll say that this is a gift that I can't take lightly anymore. I say once you discover it your next objective should be control cause now that I have a bit more control now I have a new lease on life and my perception has just about changed to an extent and once i'm able to gain full control I'll see how for the first time how much I can impact someone's life because I'm and empath that knows and accepts his gift.

Awesomeness looks good on you. ;)

I wouldn't think too hard on this one. Empathy is a good trait, but it isn't a super power. Just use this trait to be good to people and you'll be fine. There are many many people that go through what you are going through. You'll be golden.