Greetings I Need Some Guidance On The Empath Thing

so here is my story i have recently dove extremely deep into myself and i brought this to the attention of my mother one day she said she could see auras and i was like well im trying to learn so she was showing me some stuff.
while we were doing this i got a little hunch that she could probably see more than that and asked her if she could see my third eye. a she looked and came back with yes. as i tried to view her aura she told me she couldnt stop looking at it and the next this she said was WOW i just went inside it. she told me about it and she has done this several times now. is this something an empath can do?? i cant find any info on experiences like this.

in one story she told me of her seeing a battle take place but the people were fighting with words. she said it reminded her of the scene in lord of the rings with thats how big it was. she said she looked down on the battle field and i was their i turned and looked up at her on the hill and locked eyes with her.
she said the people with me were screaming at the people on the other side and our vocal power would knock them down. any ideas on seeing things like this.
the13thfinaltruth the13thfinaltruth
26-30, M
Jan 16, 2013