New Awareness

I've always been told I was too sensitive, but normally by people who don't want to feel exposed LOL people have, for my entire life, confided in me moments after meeting me...a conversation will start with me saying something courteous like "hi! How are you today " and end with me knowing things they would normally tell someone they had known forever! LOL some days it makes me feel good ...I enjoy that people trust me and I put them at ease, normally provide words of comfort ...but other days I wonder why it happens so often. It takes a toll on my energy levels. I have always been shocked by violence ..even if I injure an ant by accident my heart breaks to watch it squirm. Knowing I ended it's little life, weird, I know. I have depended on my empath abilities to keep me safe...never knew till recently that it was that, but better late than never. I would like to meet others like me...are there any groups? I am so glad to know I'm not alone ...I isolate a lot because I can't figure out how to turn this off and on :( but do I want to? Wouldn't that make me just like anyone else? Hmmm
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I understand the predicament an empath has. I too am an empath and feel the strain. I get it friend:) have a blessed day.

i can relate..and now i'm here to search for answer too :)but i can tell you one thing that helps me toosay "stop no i'm not affected by this" it's either out loud or in your thoughts onlyand because i'm living in a house full of negativiy..i thought suicide is the best solutionbut a friend tells me it's really wrong and he would be very sad if i'm gonethat's why just say "no" if the feeling you are picking up is very negative or causes you heart i must tell this too to myself everyday haha

Perhaps....if you're considering suicide, your taking on more of the negative emotions than you might want to think? I'm learning about when I have my empathy to try to know how to center ....I've always felt so different, it's a relief & an eye opener to know I'm ABSOLUTELY different, but there are others out there who have suffered / enjoyed this blessing / curse LOL

I know what you mean by feel like everyone else I learned how to block out everyone's emotions not completely I haven't really mastered the technique yet but it's kind of basic. Other then that it'll feel weird not being able to feel others emotions and not feel their energy signatures at all. I've been use to that for a while and recently discovered I had the ability of an empath and it sucked not knowing this cause it's made my life different. At first I thought it was just regular teenage emotions and it turns out I was soaking in other people's emotions and didn't even notice it. Now that I can block them out and channel them out of me it's helped me cause people through out way to many emotions daily. Hopefully your able to get control over your empath ability i'm still working on it and hopefully I get there.

Good luck to you