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I'm an empath and I've usually been pretty good at keeping my empathy control at high school, but recently it's becoming more and more of a problem. I think it's due to everyone's stress during finals (heightened emotions in general) but that doesn't seem like an adequate enough explanation; it's almost like my empathy is getting stronger or something. But, then again, I have no way of knowing for certain and I don't want to jump to conclusions, so please let me know what you think :)
Anyway, here are just a few examples of some of the more recent occurrences:

(Friday, 1-18-13)
The worst one of this day was in economics. There's a girl in my class there that can't seem to get along with everyone (I have tried to talk to her before my freshman year, but after a period of time she began to stalk me and say inappropriate things though she did stop a year later) and it was her turn to present. She was nervous, which is completely understandable (who doesn't get nervous?) but to the extent where it was almost like I was presenting, but ten times worse than that. My hands got clammy, my heart rate spiked, I began to shake and also feel nauseous. I have also felt this way when other people with stage fright had presented, but never to this extreme. Never. However, the feeling lessened right after the girl sat back down and it left completely sometimes around the middle of the next group's presentation.
That was one of the more extreme cases of mine.

This happened during summer; I forgot exactly when. (this isn't part of school, but is a good example of what's becoming more recent)
My brother and I were visiting my grandparents; they live in the forest and I absolutely love it up there. My grandma and I - we're really close - were out walking around on a nearby golf course hunting gold balls. She stuck closer to the course and I went hunting around in the more forested area, since it's practically a golf mine. I was reaching to get a ball when all of a sudden I got this sickening feel, almost as if I swallowed down worms and hands were pushing down on my shoulders (sorry if that' not the best description, but as some of you know it can be hard to describe. Simply put, it wasn't pleasant) so I quickly ran out of the forest. It wasn't something that I could just ignore. My grandma and I finished our walk and the feeling faded away slightly until I didn't even notice it that much, though I did stick to the main road. When we got back home my grandpa told us that a neighbor's house had been robbed and the owners just found out; their window facing the golf course (on a different part of the golf course, so we didn't pass it) was completely shattered and their TV and stuff (I forget) was stolen.

And since I seem to be writing a ton, I'm just going to stop there. Just a heads up I don't get feelings or emotions like that all the time - I'm not that amazing haha. Those are just some of the more extreme cases but, like the first example, they're becoming more recent. That said, I'm also not an expert at this stuff; all I know is that I experience it.

So, to anyone who read this and has an idea, please let me know :) Any help or advice is appreciated as well, or if you want to share a similar story feel free to.

Thank you!
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Today I have been having a few moments not extreme just butterflies in stomach when people would go up. And also a sense of being embarrassed even though I thought they were good

I wish this type of stuff would have an on/off switch... or at least a 'mute' button :) School would be so much easier then.

Yeah that would make things a lot easier but I guess it can have its advantages as well.

After posting mine, I read yours. I've been an empath for a while now, and have been effective at it. Lately being am empath has been very intense. I just joined today for that purpose, to see if anyone else has been feeling it too.

Hey! That's the same exact reason why I joined this site! :O Hopefully we'll figure out why soon :) Who knows? It may actually be nothing

I talked to my friend, she is an Empath and an Acupuncturist. She is feeling it too, she thinks it's a combination of the full moon, and weakened immune system from all the flu going around.

Hmm... I'm not sure about the moon (I've lived through a lifetime of full moons and they don't affect me at all; maybe I'm just strange?) but the flu is a possibility. A lot of people I know have gotten it. :/ Another option could be the shootings; there seems to have been so many recently :( :( :(

If you have such empathy, put it into positive use ----->

That was a seriously awesome speech; I think I'll try controlling the empathy better instead of trying to learn how to turn it off :) Thank you so much!

Awesome ^_^, we need a lot more empathy in this world. Hope you put that empathy and compassion for other beings to good use. Here's a vegan starter kit