Lonely And Tired

What do I do when everyone is gone? How do I cope with a sociopathic sister who damages everything in her path and doesn't care. (Including my relationships she may be jealous of).
How am I to be happy when I am so alone that I don't want to be alive anymore?
I am a highly empathic person who feels like a waste of space.
My parents don't understand my sister's actions nor do they understand why I get so worked up.
I have always been on the backburner or got the short end of the stick. I just want my parents to spend time with ME, not talk to me about why my sister is the way she is.
No one understands or can relate to me when I try to explain why my moods change or why I get depressed. But they do want me to meet their new friend to let them know what I "pick up" off of them because I am 95% correct everytime. I don't have anyone with the same interests.
I am 32 years old.
There was a time that I could cope with being an empath and having a few of the "clairs".
And it went away for a while and it was nice introducing myself to me and learning who I was.
But now I feel almost like my empathic sense came back stronger and heavier and I don't know why.
All I know is that I am tired, drained, depressed, confused, and alone.
I didn't get much sleep this week. I am sorry if this may be a bit confusing because I want to give examples and probably will soon.
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I understand how being an empath can be so difficult. There are times I'm so much more sensitive than others. Right now I cry very easily when I sense sadness or pain, even on tv. I try to remember what I do different when I'm able to separate myself, and it's hard to put into words. I do know I have to be careful not to shut myself down otherwise I shut down the good also. In fact, I can feel like the living dead if I do. I also practice a visualization of cutting cords between the person and I and somehow put myself into the fr<x>ame of mind to observe them instead of feel them. That way I can still interact with them if that feels like the right thing to do. Right now I'm trying something new. I'm learning Reiki and opening myself to the Universe's Energy. Although it's not always easy to connect with it by not meditating first, I go within myself and open myself to the energy and ask for protection from negative emotions as I need it at the time. That is helping. I then have an intuitive sense of knowing if I am there to help or not. I am new to all this and am just learning myself. I think what has been the best thing for me is meditating.<br />
I hope you don't mind but I'm going to also use this response as a story.

You are most definitely not alone... I have had a pounding headache for days, dealing with everyone's pain.

Check and see if you are the sociopathic person and not your sister. What are you, a doctor that can call people sociopathic or sick, or something. Your empathic sense is on overdrive and talk to a councilor or just stand down and listen before your speak.

Sometimes just talking helps. Your not alone though, a lot of people feel the way you do. "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." There is another quote I like "Human sickness is so severe that few can bare to look at it, but those who do will become well." I suffered deeply for 10 yeas before learning to control or guide how energies affect me, it can take time. I feel now that all my suffering was for good reason because our trauma in life is our training for delivering our gift. Just by sharing your stories and learning about yourself you help the world know itself.

You are not alone. You can talk with me anytime if you like, I am no teacher but everyone can learn from each other. Sometimes just listening is enough. There are a lot of wonderful people on EP, a lot of naughty ones to but the good always outweighs the bad. Did you just join EP?

You should join groups that interest you and add friends. When you add friends your stories, comments, and feed come up on there profile and then their friends see when they post on your stuff. This site is designed to profiling and naturally allows others to draw to themselves people of life mind. I see you have few friends added. First of all, upload a nice image because many people won't add people without one, there are to many spammers and fakes. Secondly, when you find someone of like mind check out there groups and add ones that you feel are similar to your own views or feelings. Also, comment on other peoples stories from time to time and even check the questions out since you can meet people there to. There are a lot of good groups such as the "i am spiritual but not religious" group that I prefer myself and this group of course is one of my favorites.

Chat with people before adding them and ask them if they don't mind, or comment on there stories first so they know you. =)

Patience is a virtue.Phaethon is a good guy and a good friend to have I hold him with the upmost respect.
Being Empathic I concider it a double edged sword.It is a useful gift,yet at times can be overhwelming.I myself use nature to help me cleanse the negative energies that accumulate within me,because I believe in the power of the natural realm and it's neutrality.I pray you find what works for you..There are some good stories here that teach grounding and sheilding techniques.You may find some that can help you.
Peace be your Journey

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