Cleaning Out the Basement

Hello, I'm Bree and I'm an Empath, specifically a healer. It runs in my family, my Mom is a healer and my 13yr old son recently discovered he is too. I didn't know that I could heal others until I was in my late 20's, it's not something discussed in my family, but rather a secret. Since I was little I felt like I was different and as a young adult I could 'see' people's past and present without touching them, feel their emotions and occasionally hear their thoughts. It was much stronger if I did touch them though. There was a lot I didn't know or understand about the abilities, specifically how vulnerable it left me to being hurt by those close to me. I knew how to differentiate between my feelings and the ones I picked up, but when you have complete trust in people who are close it's different. It's being wide open without worrying, a taking in and giving all back. The point is I was hurt dramatically and to avoid ever going through that again I shut it all out, ignored it when it happened and stopped healing. It was like ripping a piece of myself out but that was nothing compared to what I already went through. After doing that for a couple years it was like never having had the ability, but I was left empty. This summer I started healing again, something told me it was time to open back up. It's been difficult to regain all of what I had, searching through all those mental boxes stuffed into a dark basement to find the right ones. So, not only for myself, but for the sake of my son, I need to 'see through the eyes of the hawk'. It's not a secret with him and me, I don't want him to be as blind or vulnerable as I was.

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Never thought of it that way. I'm connected to those who are close to me and I have preminatory dreams and visions. What I said in the story about seeing peoples past and present was from about 10 yrs ago. I don't want to see that, it's invading.

Thank you for answering. Do you have any psychic abilities as well?

I take pain away. I cant cure diseases or fix a broken bone, I 'feel' where someone hurts and I take the pain. The best way to describe it is their body talks and I listen.

I find this site very interesting. When you say you can heal, what do you mean? You can heal a sick person or understand what they're going through. Very interesting.

oh Im so sorry you were hurt! *winces* its difficult to deal if those people are close to you...<br />
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because of the fact that empathic people are sensitive its never a good idea to develop a thick skin or shut yourself off.. as you've already found out.. but I've found that a knowing of yourself as an individual, knowing what your limitations are, you can safely set boundaries for yourself without feeling like you've ripped pieces of yourself out..believe me I do understand a bit of what you've gone through.<br />
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Allow yourself to be cleared just by grounding yourself with your son, those mental boxes will open up on their own just by your desire and your Will.<br />
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*gives you a hug* good luck and good opportunity for growing!