Discovering I Am An Empath

Knowing I don't fit into the category of a typical normal human, I think now I have figured out what is going on. I had this epiphany. I was dealing with someone that was dead on sociopathic. I realized I am the complete polar opposite of that. It only took my billionth encounter with a sociopath to realize it, duh, opposite!

So I had to google what is the opposite of a sociopath? Empath came up. But that sounds like a new age term. The scientist in me needs to be able to say a term for what I am and have it be taken seriously in the "real" world. There is another term. HSP Highly Sensitive Person.

I always seemed like I came from another planet. My mannerisms are incompatible with the human species.

People read face and body language. I can't do that. I read people a different way like as an empath. Humans that are skilled at reading face and body language read me the wrong way. People make false assumptions about me when they try to read my face and body language.

People are creeped out by me. I don't read face and body language. I read people in a much deeper intuitive way. People must be sensing that and find that very uncomfortable.

When people try to read my face and body language, they are assessing me on a very shallow level and don't see the real me.

I have always been different. I was brainwashed into thinking that the answer lies in the DSM. I am the opposite of a sociopath. There is no listing in the DSM for the opposite of a sociopath.

I believe that I am the polar opposite of a sociopath. The typical human falls in the middle. Humans are not completely absent of Sociopathic traits. I believe that the polar opposite of Sociopaths exist. They are very rare. And that I am one of them.

Normal people are insane. The typical "normal" human has sociopathic traits.

"Normal" is a mental disorder that should be in the DSM. Even though a "normal" person may not be a full blown sociopath, they do have sociopathic traits.

What happens when there is a person who is the polar opposite of a sociopath. That person stands apart of the crowed and is subjected to life long bullying from the majority.

There really is a small minority of people who lack the sociopathic traits. This is not a disorder. In this particular case the majority has the disorder. There really is something wrong with the human species.

It has always seemed like I was the only sane person in an insane world. I always thought that. I was too afraid to say it too much out of fear of being bullied by the mental health system if I say something that they perceive to be an insane statement.

Now I know the terminology for what I've known all along. I am an Empath, (HSP) Highly Sensitive Person. Now I have definitive proof that I am in fact part of the sane minority in a world where the majority are insane.

I will not be bullied by the majority to conform. That is coercive conditioning. I WILL NOT CONFORM TO INSANITY!!!

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You could have Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Do you feel or have a strong desire to be special, better, different or simply feel like everyone around you acts or feels something towards you?