Crowds Still Make Me Uncomfortable

I have always known something about me was different but I couldn't pinpoint it exactly until a few years ago when a wonderful friend named Fawn took me to a psychic fair for my birthday.

We waited in a very crowded room for the doors to open and I started feeling funny. It was as if I was being smothered and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Fawn walked me outside and I started to feel better. It was that day that I learned why I always "took on" other's energies..She is also an empath but much more educated than I about it.

I still feel quite uncomfortable around crowds as I have not quite learned how to shield myself. 

Any suggestions or resources on that?

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Meditate on your chakras (, specifically your Third Eye chakra, until you physically and spiritually feel that "openness." You have to be able to open it before you can close it. Then, reverse it. Close your eyes and picture your Third Eye closing, and you pulling a hood down over it, to your eyebrows, so your forehead is covered.

What I was taught to do, is focus on one thing. I'm not a powerful empath, and really the only thing I can strongly pick up on is someone who is arrogant, but just focus. Like a voice, or something in your line of sight. I still hate crowds, but it makes it more bare able.

Choctawgrrl id like to say I too am an empath and I've joticed that the only way for me to really sheild myself without losing all my energy and hecoming exhausted is to be moreso myself than ever. If I want to say something I say it with SUCH ENTHUSIASM! It helps for me. Sometimes I get.downright MEAN. I don't mean to...its just I'm on overdrive with everybody elses emotions that I don't even know which ones are mine. It happens from afar too. For Instance I haven't cried for a reeeeaaaallllly long time ...until the other night. Then I asked my friend if this girl was crying last night cos he spent the night at her house. He said she was bawling the whole night! I wondered where this fountain spell came from and it was treacherous ..monsoon- like. Also I have a lot of shared dreams with people. Especially if they sleep at my house. Its really a ****** curse to uphold...but it definitely let's you pinpoint whose to hang out with and whose to not. I hope you're listening to your intuition. Its most always right. We must listen to ourselves otherwise were lost and confused. On another note. I'm a massage therapist so you can imagine how hard that is.. I pick up on the emotions of clients and especially men I am freaked out by. One man I massaged ..afterwards I was SO PISSED OFF! seriously I wanted to kill the world. Then before this other client I have I always get.very anxious and judgemental ( which I am NOT!) The la<x>yers of empathicness for me go way in depth. Man I'm writing a novel here...did not realize... but yeah. For protection I've heard of casting a white light around you or imagine a sheild around your aura where nothing can get in. I hope this helps. Also reiki work is awesome. " light workers" if you cant seem to " stay clear" they help with " fluffing your aura" which reminds me, I need to get that done. :) 14 pages later... haha

Thank you:)

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For a great part of my early life I lived in isolation.. it was a self imposed isolation because I just didn't know what was going on. I thought all the feelings that went through me were mine and I had just resolved that I was going crazy..Then I decided to just go ahead and do anything and just wait for the crazyness to just take over.. So I lived that way.. and nothing happened.<br />
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I began to understand that all that I felt was not mine. not until I was 52 and I found some people that made me feel like I was not alone and different. I learned a lot from them and one of them became my mentor. She told me I was gifted and phycic....But in a very short time I learned I was none of these..even though I could do readings.<br />
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From then to now.. I have learned a lot. I had to set aside all the well meaning things I was told by people who were really trying to help. <br />
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First and most important.. We.. that is all of us are born empathic. It is n ot a gift for just a few..<br />
Go on-line and read about ....... The Limbic System ... and about Limbic Resonance.. also known as Empathic Resonance. There is more in reading .... The Theory of Love ... You will start to understand where and how you feel what you do..<br />
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The thing is that for some reason you have allowed the sensitivity that brings the feelings.. Most people are just not allowing the sensitivity. In time you will find that being sensitive is by far better than being in-sensitive as most people are... and you will see the sadness in that.<br />
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................. If I can help... I am here.................................................... Lou

Throw your head back, and shout to everyone at the top of your lungs, "**** OFF!" Then glare at anyone who dares look in your direction and rawr at them!<br />
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Lol, jk.<br />
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On a serious note, you just gotta learn to live with it...and use it. Gift, or curse, it is a part of you. Learn to focus in these situations. Focus on maybe one person...or focus on something about your breathing.<br />
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There is no way that you can have your friends with you all the time, and shutting it off...well...not sure if thats even an option. You got this though...

It is probably your spiritual gift a MERCY

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When Sue and I went shopping yesterday, we went out to eat at Moe's first and it was PACKED!! I must have looked a bit sick because Sue offered for us to stand outside or leave...I stuck it out for a few minutes but it DEFINITELY affected me. <br />
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When I am with my buddies, it doesn't bother me as much..I guess I am used to them and know them well. However, in a crowd where most people do not respect personal space, I feel smothered. It happens often.<br />
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I am a very affectionate person but that's with my friends and familiars...Once I get to know a person, it seems to not overwhelm so much. <br />
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I have been this way my entire life and it has only been recently that I understood what this is all about. Yes, I pick up emotions and especially energy...I can usually tell you if a person is "good" by his energy. The more I trust that, the better-tuned it becomes.<br />
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Feel like running away screaming yet? lol

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Maybe you were picking up on someone else's emotions about being nervous in crowds, Has this feeling happened often?