Father & Son Empath

Here's the deal im sure i'm an empath a powerful one in fact i will feel the disbelief of others who will read this i'm also a good telepath i believe (u can just try me)... it probably came from my father, he's a good one (he probably know right now that i'm typing this message) it doesn't bother me at all.. i feel good not feeling alone that this world is so vibrant and colorful and in the middle of it all i have bliss that were all in this river of life and we're all are just one entity.. hope all of you can find your peace with it... you're the only one who will dictate it to be a gift or a curse... 

adiktus adiktus
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

it makes me feel great to experience that connectedness, too :)

I tend to be an empath myself.I can feel the pain of others.