Check out this website to get more info on being a empath vs. Being empathic there are differences empaths are born that way, they don't become one.
theShamanDon theShamanDon
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Yes I just stumbled upon the traits of an empathy a week ago, it explains so much because I have all of them except a few. It's a relief to know why I am the way I am without thinking I was crazy.

Being an empath is a everyday battle, hang in there... your not crazy!!

I need to put more effort into helping myself become more consistent with my surroundings and learn to deal with the burdens and negativity that effect me.

Yeah it can be hard, it took me years just to figure out that what I'm feeling wasn't my own emotions. To this day I struggle to take care of myself, I'm always putting others before myself. If you ever want to chat, about anything send me a msg.