I Can Read Pictures, What Am I?

I am curious if there is even a name for it.. i can basically have someone give me a picture of a stranger (to me) either online or in person, so long as it is a still photo and i can read the picture and tell them about the person, what charichteristics they have, a little about themselves.. the type of person they are... i know an empath can sense a persons emotions and feelings at close range or at a distance, and i cant do that, but i can read people in the way described below. I did this last night, and i attached the girls pic and what i typed to her. Is there a name for me?

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Bubbly, easily irritated, slow to anger. Don't hold grudges. Romantic minded, you love the little things instead of the big things.. what i mean is that the little stuff is more important to you than the bigger stuff. You like or love to write, possibly poetry, instead of stories..but you like to write out your thoughts. Very playful person, sensitive, but you are strong, strong in strength and in mind. You have a good hold on willpower. You love hard, fall easily once you know you can trust your heart to them, before then you are guarded with your heart in relationships, excluding family and friends who you love instantly. You have a lot of friends but only few have all of you, connections made for life. ( i guess we all have this one..LOL..sorry) You seek out connections, and you like knowing you are important to someone, it makes you feel more alive. You experience things from every pore of you, from your fingertips to your toes.. you love to read, an avid reader?? You are close to your family, tight knitted family roots.. Parents still together, strong marriage, you are like your father. Extremely giving person, you give and give, rarely take. Maybe grew up helping the needy and less fortunate. A healer.. you help others solve their problems, but have a hard time helping your own issues.. a deep thinker like myself.. makes it hard to pinpoint how to help your own issues, but so easy to help pinpoint others. Deep. passionate, a giver.

I am very interested to see how i did as it has been a few years since i have had the pleasure of doing this! You have amazing eyes by the way... old soul in a young body perhaps?


Ok, so this is what i wrote to her, but i am obviously not an empath, so what am I? Is there a name for it?

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There is some empathy involved in there I would say, but I think you also have a touch of ob<x>ject- or distance-cognition. I know that I myself have a small touch of precog (only about stupid things unfortunately), so it isn't impossible for there to be a mix of talents going on with you.

I call it gifted . becalse I can walk apassed someone<br />
and i will see a mental picture of what the person is feeling

hi there ...<br />
ok well im a medium/empath and you do have empathetic abilities definatley....i also sense though you are an energy reader....which is how you tuned into the photo and managed to pick so much up, energy reader btw is different to empath...<br />
<br />
i teach on my website if you would like to come to classes..its all free and yr most welcome....the link is at the bottom of my profile page on the left....

well, assuming that you were right with your description i would say that you are more than likely an empath that just hasnt had much practice in face to face encounters....its a talent one must sometimes seek out from themself. a still image is like a captured moment in time and empaths can usually detect the variable differences in facial ex<x>pression...i used to do something similar to what you described above with a friend of mine who found my empathetic abilities absolutly facinating. I would tell her her exact mood in the time of the picture and describe her emotions to her. I suppose i could have gone into more depth as you did but eh...point is I would have to say your an empath but than again, who knows :) if theres another name for what you do, I don't know it. Hope that helps.