Effecting My Everyday Life - Help!

I"m at work and had to make an appt to get my new kitten his first vaccines and already I am feeling scared, emotional like I'm about to cry.  My empathic nature is driving me nuts cause all I can feel even before it happens is his fear and I don't want to upset the cat!!!! this is insane!! I keep telling myself to grow a pair when I feel this way but I take on everybody else's emotions and feelings so much so I don't even know what my own are anymore and have had to turn to numbing drugs because I can't stand it anymore.  I know it sounds morbid but sometimes I would just like to be locked up  in a dark box with no stimulus whatsoever (ooooh  maybe a deprivation tank) for an entire day!!

I"m probably just crazy but thanks for reading if you did


isurus9 isurus9
1 Response Mar 4, 2009

hey I can fill you thats so draining,,,I get wraped up in others stuff to and try taken it on as mine and that is not very good,,,well I hope you get it under controll,,,many blessing to you mary