I Am Fed Up

I am sick and tired of having to share people's feelings when they perpetually make bad decisions, ignoring their feelings and what's right and making their lives more complicated thus making their emotions more intense and complicated and in turn clogging my head with their mess!

Up til now my empathy has helped a lot of people and I've tended to be drawn to the people who need me the most, but now it's just ruining my life. I wish I could keep it all away...block it all out somehow. I can still care about my friends without having to suffer through their feelings they don't even want to recognize they have. I can still advise and be helpful. I just need my own feelings in my own head. I'm exhausted and I just need some peace and quiet...not just for the few minutes I have to myself to meditate. I need more time than that. I need to learn to block this out before I go crazy.

adheananda adheananda
2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Wow, I so sympathize with you adheananda. I get overwhelmed with being an empath at times too. That's when I usually retreat to my home and stay there for awhile. Lately, I find my self getting others illnesses but it only lasts for about a day and then disipates. <br />
Hi Morningstar, I am going to take a look at your website about this too.<br />
Adheananda, maybe we can both learn something.<br />
Hugs, Cheryl

wooooah.......strong empathy coming though there!!!!it seems you are carrying the emotions with you constantly my friend....ok i have been empath for 20 years now and in that time have had all the feelings you have described...they are "normal" feelings and reactions to have...now i teach an empathy class...in how to seperate your feelings from others and how to control your empathy, by shielding and blocking....with a little gentle coaching im sure we can get you back on the ight path again....visit my website its at the bottom of my page on the left..its a free site...everything i do is for free....cos im good like that...lol...no my path is to help people, your more than welcome to come share with us there, many feel and have felt like you do..<br />
<br />
blessings to you<br />